Kids magician to disappear for a few years.

Howard Scott Kalin

Howard Scott Kalin

Balloon artist-magician pleads guilty to soliciting sex online from ’14-year-old boy’:

49-year-old Howard Scott Kalin of Essex, Maryland has pleaded guilty to craigslist child solicitation in Lake County, Florida. Not only is Kalin a lawyer but he’s also a kids magician/balloon animal artist.

Kalin was in Florida when he responded to an ad posted in the Men Seeking Men section of craigslist that was posted by an uncle looking to turn out his 14-year-old nephew. Of course the nephew didn’t exist and the uncle turned out to be a Lake County deputy.

With his plea Kalin will be going away for 10 years. I’m sure he’ll learn a new set of a balloon skills while in the joint.

Now while in this instance the victim was non-existent situations like this where children are turned out by family members does go on in the pages of craigslist. For every arrest that’s made I wonder how many times this goes on where they get away.

While the legal heat is currently on backpage right now craigslist has far from cleaned up their own house.