HuffPo on craigslist protest

Protest on Craiglist Doorsteps in San Francisco to End “Adult Services” Section:

This is a blog post from Conchita Sarnoff at the Huffington Post about the human trafficking protest that took place at the office of craigslist last week in San Francisco. She goes over a lot of things that have already been discussed here but she brings up two great points.

The first is that she points out that my friends over at have operated a profitable classifieds site for the past 10 years without having to resort to ‘adult services’ or ‘casual encounters’ so it can be done.

The other great point she brings up is that craigslist is an industry leader and shouldn’t have to be protested to have them do something about the human trafficking that is being facilitated on their site. They should be socially responsible enough to do it on their own.

By the way as an aside the above picture is another picture taken by Kathleen Bowers from Geebo who was an active participant at the protest. It shows the sign that craigslist painted over so their name wouldn’t appear in media stories about the protest. To me that shows what cowards they are at craigslist.

And did I mention they did not respond to Ms. Sarnoff for comment? Typical.