RSO graduates from MySpace molester to MeetMe molester

Man Suspected of Having Sex with Redondo Beach Teen:

Hugo Gonzalez

Hugo Gonzalez

We have a repeat customer on our hands today. Back in 2011 Hugo Galindo Gonzalez pleaded guilty to a federal felony charge of using the Internet to transmit information about a minor. Although what really happened is that he allegedly had sex (child rape) with a 14-year-girl he met on MySpace. Apparently Gonzalez didn’t get the 5 years he was looking at in his plea deal. It did however land him on the sex offender registry.

Recently the 27-year-old Gozalez was arrested in Redondo Beach, California, for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old girl that he met on MeetMe, the trashy heir apparent to MySpace. He also used messaging app Kik to stay in contract with the girl.

Police believe that he may have more victims…

Based on the nature of the crimes committed by Gonzalez, Redondo Beach Police Detectives are seeking any further persons who might have been victims of Gonzalez to please contact the Redondo Beach Police Department – Investigations Division – Det. Clint Daniel, 310-379-2477 ext. 2480 or email at

Note to prosecutors, how about keeping him in jail this time? Just being on the registry obviously didn’t work.

UPDATE 7/13/2014: Gonzalez pleaded no contest to the latest charges and was sentenced to 3 years and eight moths. He’ll be back I’m sure.

Plea deal could get MySpace molester only 5 years

Hugo Galindo Gonzalez

Hugo Galindo Gonzalez

Late last year 25-year-old Hugo Galindo Gonzalez of the Los Angeles area pleaded guilty to a federal felony charge of using the Internet to transmit information about a minor. That’s obviously a plea deal because what really ‘allegedly’ happened is that Gonzalez had sex (child rape) with a 14-year-old girl. Gonzalez used MySpace to stay in touch with the girl. Under the terms of the plea deal Gonzalez is only looking at 5 years.

Gonzalez is arguing for a ‘boot camp’ rather than jail time because he alleges that this was “a single occurrence that was committed without significant planning.”

Um…yeah, except that Gonzalez was on the internet claiming to be a teen looking for dates for his ‘older cousin’. He also would offer the teens drugs or booze in order to get them to have sex with him. I don’t know about you but that sounds like very significant planning to me. How about you?

He’s also said to have told the teens that ‘age is just a number’, the credo of the child molester.

It seems he has somewhat of a support group as well…

Friends of the defendant have written to U.S. District Judge A. Howard Matz, who is set to impose sentence this afternoon, vouching for Gonzalez’s character.

I never knew that so many people were in support of a man raping a 14-year-old girl. As usual I expect his supporters here claiming the girl lied about her age.

A 5 year sentence is a joke for predators like this. Someone has to take a no tolerance stance when it comes to child molesters like this.