Court rules that Hustler had no rights to print Nancy Benoit pics

Court: Hustler Wrong to Print Photos of Slain Wife of Wrestler Chris Benoit:

Last week the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Hustler Magazine had no rights to publish nude pics of Nancy Benoit after she was killed by her husband, pro wrestler Chris Benoit.

Nancy Benoit’s family had filed a lawsuit and lost against Larry Flynt and Hustler. This decision sends the lawsuit back to a lower court.

Hustler prints nude Nancy pics


Well, that bastion of taste known as Hustler Magazine has gone ahead and published the nude pictures of murder victim Nancy Benoit. The front cover reads “Wrestler Chris Benoit’s murdered wife – nude”.

This is how Hustler defended their decision…

In an exclusive interview, Assistant Managing Editor Mark Johnson defended his magazine.

He told The Sun: “Publishing the photos of Nancy Benoit was a no-brainer.

“She was beautiful and popular. We knew millions of people would want to see these pictures.

“The feedback has been huge and overwhelmingly positive. Some questioned our decision, but the piece was presented in a tasteful, respectful fashion and people recognize that.”

First of all only knuckle draggers read Hustler. Secondly the ‘millions’ of people who wanted to see the pictures are probably the same people who go to sites like Ogrish and that crap.

Nude pics of Nancy Benoit to appear in Hustler


Yes that Nancy Benoit. The wife of Chris Benoit who he killed. I don’t know how true this story is but I wouldn’t put it past Larry Flynt and company. He just oozes class doesn’t he? Oh wait that’s not class he’s oozing. Eeeew