The Devil made me do it!





Here’s another one from my home state, Michigan.  Meet Randall James Caballero (35), from Warren, MI.  Back on December 19th, at approximately 10pm, while watching wrestling the devil paid him a visit and told him to kill his 3-year-old stepson.  Crazy much there Randall or maybe drunk who knows… but the devil told you to?  Hmmmm. 

Randall was watching wrestling and the devil told him to kill the 3-year-old and so he took the little guy outside and choked him out.  He immediately panicked, went to a neighbors and told the occupants he had just killed his son.  The neighbors, who are not friends with Caballero, called the police.  Imagine their shock when some guy they have never met, knocks on the door to tell them he killed his son.  Wow!  When the police arrived they detained Caballero and searched the area surrounding his home.  While they were there the boy’s mother arrived home and reported that her son was missing.  Poor woman, she had to have been scared shitless, first she is told he killed her son then she cannot find him anywhere.  Within in minutes the little guy was found around the corner crying and wearing only pants… poor thing, he had to have been scared out of his mind.  Firefighters treated him and transported him to the hospital for treatment of hypothermia.  He had red marks on his neck but suffered no life threatening injuries was treated and released. 

While in custody, Caballero confessed to the alleged actions, telling them he left the boy outside the home and indicated he thought he had killed him.  He was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and first-degree child abuse and was held on a $1 million bond. 

According to police, the young boy’s twin brother, Caballero’s own three children and two other adults were in the house at the time.  The adults were sleeping and had no knowledge of what had happened.  The boy’s mother said she had no prior indication Caballero might harm her son. 

Wow!  This one has a happy ending for the most part.  The little guy will need some counseling but he is alive and that is really what matters.  Caballero…. well he is a different story, crazy, drugs, drunk, whatever…. you never choke a child… even if the devil tells you to.