Pa. man OD’d son on methadone

Toddler dies of overdose, dad jailed:

On March 17th a 911 call was received by authorities in Charlestown Township, Penn. As too usual in these cases a child was unresponsive. I’m really beginning to hate the word ‘unresponsive’ but I digress. The 23-month-old son of Ian Joseph Kohn was the one who was unresponsive. He was pronounced deat at the hospital.

Police searched the house and found syringes in methadone in the room that Kohn and the baby shared. An autopsy revealed that the baby died from a methadone OD.

Investigators say Kohn mixed methadone and, sometimes, sleeping pills in the child’s bottle with Gatorade and gave it to his son to drink.

Although the article doesn’t say why Kohn allegedly gave the methadone to his son I would lay odds that it was either because the child cried, wouldn’t go to sleep or both.

In case you’re wondering where the baby mama was she was already in jail on unrelated charges.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.