Canadian Nexopia predator sentenced, sort of

Child porn luring man gets jail time:

I originally posted about Ian Stuart Johnson here. Back in January Johnson, of Calgary, pleaded guilty to child porn charges and trying to lure underage girls over the Canadian social site Nexopia.

He was sentenced to time behind bars yesterday but only for 15 months. No offense to my Canadian readers but it seems that Canadian sentences are almost as bad as the British ones.

15 months behind bars for an obvious predator is a joke. In 15 months he’ll be back on the streets again looking for his next victim.

Canadian child porn charges

Man admits to possessing child pornography, pursuing teens online:

26-year-old Ian Stuart Johnson of Calgary, Alberta, Canada pleaded guilty to child porn charges. It seems that Johnson would lure underage girls over the Canadian social site Nexopia offering them money and alcohol.

Everytime a Nexopia user would complain about Johnson they would shut down his account only to have him open a new one.

The prosecutor said all of the communications Johnson had was with females who reside in Calgary and were between 14 and 18 years old.

The correspondence, which occurred under the user names satellite_eye, Secureca, Coca-cola55 and dmwarehouse – all Johnson’s – occurred between August 2002 and February 2005 and elicited several complaints from other Nexopia users, prompting site owner Timo Ewalds to terminate the man’s accounts one by one.

While I’m glad that this scumbag is being put away I wonder why it is that you don’t hear about the Canadian government putting pressure on these sites. Maybe they actually think it’s a parent’s job to protect their children.

What a novel concept.