Man sells teen daughter for beer

Father Accused Of Selling Daughter For Beer:

I’m sure we’ve all read this one by now.

36-year-old Macelino de Jesus Martinez of Greenfield, Calif. has been arrested for selling his 14-year-old daughter. Apparently a 14-year-old girl goes for…

…$16,000, 100 cases of Corona, 50 cases of Modelo beer, several cases of meat, two cases of wine, 50 cases of Gatorade and 50 cases of soft drinks…

The ‘buyer’ was one 18-year-old Margarito de Jesus Galindo.

Police believe that Martinez reported his daughter missing after Galindo reneged on the deal.

The girl claims she went willingly.

Galindo was arrested on statutory rape charges while Martines was arrested on a charge of accepting something of value in exchange for placing a person into cohabitation, aka child selling.

Both Galindo and Martinez are illegal immigrants from Mexico.In their part of Mexico arranged marriages are quite common. Both men are facing deportation.

Look if you want to continue your 3rd world customs do it in your own 3rd world country. Here in the U.S. that’s considered basically child prostitution.

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Illegal immigrant beats three month old son

Man charged with beating three-month old son:

That’s 27-year-old Antonio Tamayo of McAllen, Texas…sort of. Senor Tamayo is actually a citizen of Mexico who has been deported twice already. Now he might not have an option of being deported.

Tamayao was arrested in the beating of his 3-month-old son which put the baby in critical condition. As usual in these cases Tamayo was frustrated that the baby was crying. Rather than trying to figured out why the baby was crying or ask assistance from someone he decided it was a better idea to squeeze the baby’s stomach and then shake the baby for 15 seconds. He then threw the boy on to the bed because “he was very angry and stated that he lost his patience with the baby.”

You’re not supposed to lose patience with a baby dumbass. At least not to that violent degree.

The baby has a hemorrhage inside his head, a bruised chest and a lacerated liver. He could be permanently brain damaged or die.

Personally I hope Tamayo never see’s south of the border again.

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