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Man looking for companion on craigslist found police instead

Man arrested for arranging meeting for sex with 14-year-old:

Todd Thompson

Todd Thompson

35-year-old Todd Thompson of Gurnee, Illinois was recently arrested for allegedly arranging to have sex (child rape) with a 14-year-old girl that he met through craigslist. That girl turned out to be the local sheriff’s department.

Now I was unable to determine if Thompson’s ad was specifically looking for underage girls or should I say ‘the younger the better’ like some others have but according to police he did admit that his intention was to have sex with the girl.

Thompson allegedly admitted to having sex with six ‘of age’ women on craigslist previously. Yeah, like he’s going to admit if any of them were under age.

He’s being held on $100K bond.

Is it going to take the possible rape and murder of a real 14-year-old girl before craigslist does anything about their site?

Illinois Backpage child pimp held on $1M bond

Guillaume Thomas

Guillaume Thomas

$1M bond for Dolton man charged after prostitution sting:

Earlier this month 22-year-old Guillaume Thomas was ordered held on $1M bond for allegedly prostituting an underage girl on Backpage in the Chicago suburb of Lansing, Illinois. Not a lot of details on this one but reports say that Thomas has been charged with involuntary sexual servitude of a minor and trafficking in persons. I can only imagine what atrocities this assclown committed in order to get such a high bond.

The good news, if there is any, out of this arrest is that this happened in Cook County. If you’ll recall the Cook County Sheriff’s Office was one of the most proactive opponents of craigslist’s erotic services section and in my opinion were a major part of getting it shut down. The sheriff’s office has stated that they are in the process of trying to make a case against Backpage. I can only hope that they are successful where other law enforcement agencies and legislatures have failed.

Chicago teens gang rape 12-year-old, post video to Facebook


Three teens charged with raping girl, posting video on Facebook:

Prosecutors: 3 teens posted taped sex assaults of girl, 12, on Facebook:

I’m surprised that the Chicago papers used the term rape in their articles. Then again I guess it’s hard to say ‘have sex’ when it’s done at gunpoint but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Police in Chicago recently arrested Scandale Fritz, 16, Kenneth Brown, 15, and Justin Applewhite, 16, for the alleged December rape of a 12-year-old girl and posting the video of the rape to Facebook. The girl went to Fritz’s house and when she got there police say that Fritz raped her in his basement. Fritz then brought his buddies Brown and Applewhite down into the basement who raped the girl at gunpoint while the entire atrocity was recorded by Fritz. Fritz is said to even have turned the camera to his own face. Brown was said to have been shown waving the gun while the trio shouted gang slogans. A few days later the video was posted to Brown’s Facebook then shortly thereafter on Fritz’s and Applewhite’s

So far to my knowledge it hasn’t been made public why it took investigators 5 months to make the arrests. However Fritz has allegedly admitted to making the video.

No word yet if the trio are being charged as adults but how can they not be. These scumbags deserve to spend the rest of their lives in the hole getting their karma tickets punched on a nightly basis. Where the fuck were their parents when all this was going on too? Maybe they should be jailed as well for being parental failures.

UPDATE 11/2/2013: A fourth teen has now also been charged with taking place in the alleged gang rape. Chicago police recently arrested 16-year-old Dyquier Garrett. Garrett is accused of raping the girl after being shown the video by Fritz.

Fritz told Garrett the girl, then 12 years old, would have sex with him also, prosecutors said. Garrett went into the basement with the girl alone and forced her to have sex, prosecutors said.

The reason the arrest took so long was that the police were waiting on forensic lab results.

UPDATE 2/22/2014: Fritz pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 26 years.

UPDATE 8/5/2014: Garret was recently sentenced to 9 years behind bars,

Backpage child sex trafficking: Not just a man’s game

Roeder and Hathaway

Roeder and Hathaway

Women Charged with Trafficking Teen Girl:

33-year-old Elizabeth Roeder of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 41-year-old Shannon Hathaway of Stoughton, Wisconsin were both arrested in River Grove, Illinois for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on Backpage. They were caught by Cook County detectives who were working a prostitution sting. Cook County is one of the jurisdictions who have been taking an active role in fighting online sex trafficking since the days of craigslist.

While sex trafficking is a crime usually run by men it’s not uncommon for women to be traffickers and pimps as well. Don’t call them ‘madams’ because that makes them sound classy and there’s nothing classy about trafficking children for sex. Women traffic can be just as violent and vicious as the men if not more so in some cases.

And as usual Backpage continues to make money hand over fist from cretins like this.

Chicago area craigslist rapist caught, may have 20 victims

Charles Oliver

Charles Oliver

Woodstock man held in Craigslist sex assaults:

Police trying to locate as many as 20 women in Craigslist rapes case:

Police checking for more victims in Craigslist rapes:

One of the things that craigslist has more than killers is rapists. I remember that some time ago I was asked to do a guest post for the Investigation Discovery website and they had asked me do to a post on the craigslist rapist. My reply was “Which one?” Yet people are still putting themselves out there as victims on the Sears catalog of sexual predators.

44-year-old Charles Oliver of Woodstock, Illinois has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting several women that he met through craigslist’s personal ads and ads for escorts. Wait, weren’t they supposed to be removed from craigslist? Huh. Anyway, police know of 5 victims but say there may be as many as 20.

In once case Oliver locked the woman in his basement, another has said that Oliver flat-out raped her. The attacks were said to have taken place from November of 2011 to early this year. Police identified three other victims in their investigation.

When police investigated Oliver’s home they said they not only found videos of Oliver having sex, some consensual some supposedly not, along with the identification and personal belongings of women that did not belong to the women that have already been identified as victims. They say there may be as many as 20 victims.

Oliver was arrested in January and released on bond which of course did not deter him at all. Oliver was re-arrested in February for allegedly trying to intimidate one of the victims by confronting the woman’s husband.

Oliver is being held on $3M bond.

Ladies, if you’re in the dating scene I implore you not to use craigslist as way to meet guys. There’s way too much of a risk that you’ll meet someone like Oliver. You may think that you can spot one of these predators from miles away but I would imagine some of his victims felt the same way. As far as the professional ladies go I urge you to get out of the life. Is the money really worth being possibly locked in someone’s basement and have God only knows what done to you. Please check in your local community to see if there are resources that will help you escape the life.

As far as craigslist itself goes this just goes to show one more time that they have no interest in monitoring their own site regardless of how many people are being made victims of horrible crimes. Only when enough people stop using craigslist will they eventually take notice. There more concerned with the green ink of their money than the red blood of their victims.

UPDATE 4/1/2013: More victims have either been discovered through investigation or have come forward.

UPDATE 2/10/2014: More victims have come forward bringing the total number of known victims to eight.

UPDATE 3/4/2014: Oliver was found guilty in his first trial. He’s looking at 9 to 33 but won’t be sentenced until all of his other trials are over and prosecutors are seeking to have him serve each sentence consecutively. His next trial starts at the end of this month.

UPDATE 3/26/2014: Oliver pleaded guilty before his second trial began. According to the terms of that plea deal he could be sentenced anywhere from 20 to 93 years.

UPDATE 5/8/2014: Oliver was sentenced by a McHenry County Judge to 36 years behind bars set to be served consecutively with any additional sentencing.

The latest craigslist killing happened in Tinley Park, IL

Christopher Dyson

Christopher Dyson

Markham man charged in Tinley Park shooting:

The latest name to add to the ever-expanding list of craigslist killers is 18-year-old Christopher Dyson. He’s accused of allegedly shooting 24-year-old Thomas Mastro to death after a craigslist deal gone wrong in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Police say that Mastro placed an ad on craigslist looking to unload his Playstation 3 and had agreed to trade it with Dyson for an iPhone. Mastro went to get the PS3 in the box from Dyson’s trunk when a struggle for the box ensued and Dyson shot Mastro in the chest. This was all done in broad daylight in front of a local convenience store. Dyson was caught after a 45 minute manhunt.

Again doing any kind of business on craigslist is like taking your life in your own hands. It doesn’t matter the location, the time of day or how many witnesses are around. Some people don’t care and will stop at nothing as long as it benefits themselves no matter how small the dollar amount may be.

Timothy Smith convicted in Illinois craigslist murder

Timothy Smith

Timothy Smith

Smith found guilty of first-degree murder:

Today 28-year-old Timothy Smith of Woodstock, Illinois was convicted of first degree murder for the May 2011 shooting of 48-year-old Kurt Milliman.

At the time Smith was prostituting his pregnant wife on craigslist and Milliman went to their home to use her ‘services’. According to Smith’s wife Milliman was drunk and she asked him to leave. When Milliman tried to force the issue by allegedly slapping Smith’s wife Smith shot Milliman in the back with a .38. However instead of calling police Smith tried to make the crime scene look like a break in by breaking a window and rearranging various items in the home. Meanwhile Milliman was still alive and bleeding to death. Smith claims he did this because he was ashamed of what he and his wife were doing. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he didn’t want to be arrested for pimping his pregnant wife.

Smith is facing 45 to 85 years while his wife was granted immunity from the murder charges for her testimony. He is scheduled to be sentenced in late April.

While justice has been served there are no good guys in this story, only bad guys. Smith was turning out his pregnant wife while Milliman was supposedly violent towards her when she refused his money. All during a time when craigslist had supposedly gotten rid of prostitution ads on their site. If only one of the parties involved actually acted like a responsible human being none of this would have happened.

UPDATE 6/3/2013: Timothy Smith was sentenced to 50 years. His wife is looking at 1 to 6 and will be sentenced later this week.

UPDATE 6/16/2013: Smith’s wife was sentenced to two years probation.

Eric B. Wolf was looking for an ‘attentive babygirl’ on craigslist


Police: Man, 48, expected to meet girl, 14, for sex:

Now that the bullets have stopped flying for now I can catch up on the usual spate of craigslist creepers.

Late last December Will County Sheriffs in Illinois arrested 48-year-old Eric B. Wolf of Matteson, Ill. on charges of child solicitation. Wolf allegedly placed an ad on craigslist seeking “a sweet attentive babygirl for some ongoing fun.” In craigslist-speak that means he was looking for an underage girl that he could repeatedly rape.

Wolf did receive a response from a 14-year-old girl and arranged to meet the girl at a fast food restaurant. Fast food places seem to be the go to meeting places for these scumbags. I may never look at my local golden arches the same way again. Anyway when Wolf arrived at the meeting instead of being met by a potential rape victim he was met by the Will County Sheriff’s Department and promptly arrested.

Police say that in his car they found condoms and a webcam. So not only was he looking to rape a child it seems like he was planning on either recording it or streaming it as well.

Still no legislator and no advocacy group is calling on craigslist to do anything about this. Ever since they closed down the erotic services section it seems like they’ve been given a free pass. I don’t mind being the lone man in the woods shouting to the wind because sometimes, especially in this case, the lone man is right.

Illinois craigslist creeper looking for ‘fathers willing to share their daughters’

Brandon J. Bergthold

Brandon J. Bergthold

Cops: Man sought fathers on Craigslist ‘willing to share their daughters’:

Sheriffs in Will County, Illinois arrested 25-year-old Brandon J. Bergthold for allegedly seeking children for sex on craigslist. Investigators say that Bergthold posted an ad on craigslist looking for “fathers willing to share their daughters.” I would imagine that this would have been in the casual encounters section.

Luckily the person that responded to his ad was an undercover investigator with the Cook County Sheriff’s Child Exploitation Unit. If you’ll remember correctly the Cook County Sheriff’s Department is no fan of craigslist. Anyway the investigator set up a meeting with Bergthold posing as a father willing to give his 6-year-old daughter to Bergthold so he could have sex (child rape) with the girl. Investigators say that he pursued this meeting aggressively. He was also hoping to have sex with the imaginary girl’s imaginary 11-year-old cousin.

Bergthold allegedly told police he was also addicted to child porn so more charges may be coming.

As I’ve said before if one man is arrested for trying to get a parent to prostitute their child out to any pedophile then there are probably more people on craigslist who are getting away with it. But still craigslist refuses to monitor their site and still relies on ‘community policing’. When your community consists of pedophiles and predators don’t expect a lot of policing to occur.

UPDATE 6/19/2012: Bergthold was sentenced to only 10 years. Plenty of time for him, to reoffend when he gets out. He’ll just be a little behind on the pedos’ technological curve when he gets but like most predators it won’t take him long to learn.

Ill. MySpace gang rapists sentenced


2 plead guilty in Stickney rape of girl, 14:

This past January 20-year-old Jonathan Leanos of Stickney, Illinois raped a 14-year-old girl that he met on MySpace. Not only that but he also recorded the rape on his cellphone. Still, he wasn’t done there.

He then had three friends, 23-year-old Vincente Hernandez, 19-year-old Majeed Khalifeh and 16-year-old Alex Picallo, allegedly rape the girl while again, it was recorded. To top it all off Leanos raped her once more.

Let’s dissect this for a moment. Rape is one of the worst crimes that can be perpetrated on a woman. Now imagine it happening to a 14-year-old girl, not once but repeatedly in one night. Then think about the fact that the rapes were recorded as if it were just another party video. You would think that with such a heinous crime the group would be thrown in jail with the proverbial throwing away of the key but you’d be wrong.

Khalifeh pleaded guilty in October and got six years in jail, ten years of probation and has to register as a sex offender. This past Friday Leanos and Picallo pleaded guilty. Picallo got six years in prison and Leanos got nine. Both of them also got 10 years probation and have to be added to the registry. As usual those sentences are a joke. They’ll be out in plenty of time and as I’ve shown many times before the sex offender registry is really no deterrent to offending again.

Hernandez’s case is still pending.

Is this justice? Hardly. They’ll come out with the knowledge that they’ll gain in prison with an even tougher street cred for having been inside. The victim will have to live with this all her life why shouldn’t these lowlife rapists have to do the same?

UPDATE 5/13/2012: Hernandez finally pleaded guilty and was sentenced to only five years in prison and 10 years on the registry. Another joke of a sentence.