Suspect may have exposed himself to 60 girls on Facebook


Police in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, have arrested a 21-year-old man for allegedly exposing himself to 60 victims on Facebook. Police have charged the man, who is said to have used the alias ‘David James’, with three counts of exposing himself to minors. Of course police believe he may have had multiple victims and are asking for the public’s help.

Investigators suspect there may be more victims related to this incident. Parents should check their child’s or teens Facebook accounts to see if they were contacted by this subject. If they believe contact was made with this male, they should contact School Resource Officer David Maas at (920) 236-5700. The investigation continues into this incident.

If you have minor children that use Facebook you may want to check their accounts anyway to make sure they’re not being approached by someone like this. While you may trust your child you can’t trust an online predator.

WI man gets shut down by 12-year-old girl on Snapchat

Man, 19, charged with sending inappropriate photos of himself to girl, 12:


19-year-old Brandon M. Schallock of Juneau, Wisconsin, is accused of sending a picture of his junk to a 12-year-old girl over the ‘temporary’ photo sharing app Snapchat. Now usually when that happens it takes a while for someone of any authority to find out usually because the suspect has groomed the victim into some kind of twisted relationship. Not here.

After receiving the photo, the girl said she sent back a message stating “not cool” and blocked Schallock from messaging her.

Nice. There’s only one thing I can add to that.

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Pa. student caught whipping it out for teens on MeetMe

Charles Hampton

Charles Hampton

ESU student, 19, faces sex charges; posed as minor on

ESU student Charles Hampton charged with unlawful contact with minor:

Police in Monroe County, Pennsylvania (again with Pennsylvania) received a tip from the National Center of Exploited and Missing Children after the NCEMC received a tip from the Pennsylvania based social network It seems that someone in the Monroe County area was exposing themselves and masturbating on webcam with underage girls on MeetMe.

That person was allegedly 19-year-old East Stroudsburg University student Charles Hampton. Hampton allegedly stated that he was 15 on his profile in order to meet underage girls. MeetMe staff state that they caught Hampton cranking it on two separate occasions, once with a 15-year-old girl and again with a 16-year-old girl.

When asked by police why he was doing that Hampton allegedly said that it was because he was bored. Yeah right. When most college students get bored they either get high, drink or play video games. No one comes up with the idea of “Well there’s nothing to do here. I think I’ll go through the process of creating a fake underage profile on a social network so underage girls can watch me punch the clown.” Again this is probably not his first rodeo but only the first time he got caught.

Parents it’s not just Facebook that you have to worry about your kids being on. There are a myriad of other sites out there like MeetMe where kids are going to try and get away from the prying eyes of parents. Educate yourself before it’s too late.

Diaper wearing craigslist pervert busted again

Eric Carrier

Eric Carrier

NH man accused of using Craigslist to entice adult caregiver:

I’m sure a lot of you recently heard the story about 24-year-old Eric Carrier of Hampton, New Hampshire. He was recently arrested on indecent exposure charges for pretending to be a brain injured man who couldn’t dress himself. He allegedly placed an ad on craigslist looking for a home healthcare worker to assist him when all he really wanted is someone to flash his junk at.

Not only is this not the first time that Carrier has been arrested for this he’s not even the first guy to be arrested for the old ‘change my adult diaper’ trick.

As I said in my last post about Carrier you may think he’s just a harmless freak but if you have to trick someone into helping you with your sexual fetish you’re not that far away from throwing victims into your windowless van. Does anyone really expect anything different from the unmoderated craigslist?

PA man arrested for showing his wiener on MyYearbook

I wonder if his wiener has a first name

I wonder if his wiener has a first name

North Whitehall Township man posted nude photos of himself on social website, police say:

Police in North Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania (again with Pennsylvania) arrested 21-year-old Ryan Michael Geiger for allegedly showing his wiener on MyYearbook. His words not mine.

In an Aug. 9 interview, Geiger apologized for “posting pictures of my wiener to minors,” records say.

Geiger is said to have posted the same pic of his junk on MyYearbook on six different occasions. MyYearbook, now known as MeetMe, alerted the NCMEC who in turn contacted police.

Wonder if he’ll get a foot long in lockup.

UPDATE 9/3/2013: Early last month Geiger pleaded guilty to unlawful contact with a minor. HIs sentencing is scheduled for November but he’s currently out on bond.

UPDATE 11/17/2013: Geiger only got three years probation. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up on these pages again.

PA man caught cranking it to juveniles on MyYearbook

Edward Hockenbury

Edward Hockenbury

Man charge with exposing child to porn:

Police in Pennsylvania arrested 28-year-old Edward Joseph Hockenbury of Warminster after police received a notice from the NCMEC that he was allegedly exposing himself and masturbating on webcam to underage girls that he met on MyYearbook.

Before we go any further he’s 28? He looks like he’s old enough to be starting his mid-life crisis.

After further investigation police discovered that MyYearbook sent more than 200 notices to the NCEMC about the same guy. The IP address were all the same.

Hockenbury would allegedly purposely list his own age as under 18 so he could have contact with the underage girls.

In one of the message sessions, an “ed joseph” was sending sexual messages to a juvenile who responded that she was “15,” according to court records. The male responded, “I know I cant help it your so gorgeous,” according to court records.

I’m amazed how many complaints that MyYearbook and the NCMEC received before sending any along to police. I know the NCEMC does great work but it shouldn’t take the 201st complaint before something is done about a predator.

Lenny Dykstra chokes up on his bat in front of women he met on craigslist

Lenny Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra Accused of Exposing Himself to Women He Met on Craigslist:

I used to be a fan of Lenny Dykstra when he played for the Phillies but once he left I didn’t follow him much. From what I understand he’s had his fair share of controversy since then. I think this one tops them all.

Dykstra is accused of exposing himself in his Los Angeles home to several women that he allegedly met on craigslist. It wasn’t any of the usual dark corners of craigslist where Dykstra placed the ad. according to police Dykstra placed an ad on craigslist looking for a housekeeper/personal assistant. Dykstra allegedly told the women that the job would entail massages at which point Dykstra is alleged to have exposed himself. This is one step above the guys who pretend they need their diapers changed.

What’s a matter Lenny? Are you that broke that you can’t find yourself a gold digger?

It just goes to show even if you’re semi-famous you can still be a craigslist creep.

UPDATE 9/8/2011: Dykstra has pleaded not guilty and is looking at a year in county.

UPDATE 4/19/2012: Lenny got nine months in jail and three years probation after pleading no contest. During his probation he’ll be banned from using any social sites including craigslist.

Sex offender exposed himself to craigslist caregiver


Indecent Exposure Arrest:

In Carpinteria, California police arrested 61-year-old registered sex offender Glenn Sherman Merrill. Merrill allegedly posted an ad on craigslist for a home health aide. An 18-year-old girl responded to the ad and when she was taking care of Merrill he allegedly exposed himself to the girl and asked her to assist him with *ahem* something else.

She told the cops who locked Merrill up for failure to report and I would assume the exposure charge as well.

It just goes to show that apparently there is no section on craigslist that is free from criminals and predators.

Yet another diaper wearing pervert on craigslist

Eric Carrier

Eric Carrier

Police: Man faked brain injury to get diaper changed:

For the third time in this site’s history we have yet another story of some perv getting busted for trying to get a home health aide to engage in his diaper fetish. This time the ‘man’ in question is 23-year-old Eric Carrier of Hooksett, New Hampshire.

Like the other two Carrier allegedly placed an ad on craigslist posing as his father saying that Carrier had a brain injury and needed assistance. Except there was no father and no brain injury.

Allegedly Carrier exposed himself to a nurse who responded to the ad.

When no one called the nurse back to schedule future appointments, she called police to report what happened.

Carrier turned himself in. I guess he didn’t need any assistance in getting to the police station.

A lot of people are probably going to say what Baby Eric did was harmless but think of it this way. If you have to trick someone into helping you with your sexual fetish you’re not that far away from throwing victims into your windowless van.

Thanks to Courtney for the tip.

UPDATE 8/1/2011: Police say that more people have come forward to say that Carrier did the same thing to them as well.