Marlon Hines charged with crushing his daughter

St. Charles County man charged with killing infant daughter:

19-year-old Marlon M. Hines of St. Charles County, Missouri, has been charged in the May 31st death of his 12-week-old daughter.

Hines is accused of ‘applying pressure’ to his daughters chest while he was trying to change her. He was allegedly ‘frustrated’ because his daughter soiled herself several times. If you can find a 12-week-old that doesn’t crap themselves all the time let me know.

Anyway Hines allegedly applied so much pressure that he fractured his daughter’s ribs and lacerated her liver. The cause of death was internal bleeding from the liver.

According to the article he waited until she was not breathing before seeking medical attention. How could you not feel or hear the girl’s ribs crack?

Just another jackass that couldn’t keep his anger in check.

Thanks to beanmagnet and Jennifer for the tip.