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The latest craigslist killing happened in Tinley Park, IL

Christopher Dyson

Christopher Dyson

Markham man charged in Tinley Park shooting:

The latest name to add to the ever-expanding list of craigslist killers is 18-year-old Christopher Dyson. He’s accused of allegedly shooting 24-year-old Thomas Mastro to death after a craigslist deal gone wrong in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Police say that Mastro placed an ad on craigslist looking to unload his Playstation 3 and had agreed to trade it with Dyson for an iPhone. Mastro went to get the PS3 in the box from Dyson’s trunk when a struggle for the box ensued and Dyson shot Mastro in the chest. This was all done in broad daylight in front of a local convenience store. Dyson was caught after a 45 minute manhunt.

Again doing any kind of business on craigslist is like taking your life in your own hands. It doesn’t matter the location, the time of day or how many witnesses are around. Some people don’t care and will stop at nothing as long as it benefits themselves no matter how small the dollar amount may be.

December craigslist murder in Indy over an iPhone

Dominique Clanton

Dominique Clanton

Dominique Clanton, 18, charged with murder, robbery in iPhone Craigslist killing:

Second arrest made in Craigslist, iPhone murder case:

On December 17th 31-year-old Nishant Patel of Indianapolis was shot and killed after trying to sell his iPhone on craigslist. Police say that Bryant “BeDo” Dowdy was the triggerman and that 18-year-old Dominique Clanton has also been charged with Mr. Patel’s murder.

Apparently there is no honor among thieves because police say that Dowdy not only shot and killed Patel but shot both Dominique Clanton and Eric Clanton in order to eliminate all the witnesses. Eric Clanton did not survive his injuries.

Two people dead over a trendy piece of plastic. Such a waste. However it does show once again just how dangerous doing any kind of business on craigslist still is. It’s not the online hippy commune of peace, love and sharing that it once was. It’s now an online directory of potential victims.

UPDATE 4/21/2016: Dowdy has been convicted of murdering Nishant Patel and was already serving a 75-year-sentence for the shootings of the Clantons. Dominique Clanton pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Free iPhone on craigslist for exploiting your child


IPhone on craigslist offered free, with a curious catch:

While we’re on the subject of Apple products a woman in Willows, California responded to a craigslist ad for a ‘free’ iPhone. Remember kids, there’s no such thing as ‘free’.

The catch allegedly was that a man would give her a free iPhone if she set up a webcam in her young son’s bedroom.

Thankfully she didn’t take the scumbag up on his offer and no arrest has been made yet.

Just another example of the kind of scum that you’ll find on craigslist.

Unlocking iPhones? Banned. Prostitution? Still ok

Craigslist Users Crack Down on IPhone Unlockers:

Now let’s see. It seems that craigslist has no problem with prostitution and drugs being sold on their site. However advertising your services to unlock Apple’s iPhone seems taboo.

This morning, we told you about Jef, an iPhone unlocker in New York who was selling his services on Craigslist over the weekend. After Jef saw his posts selling a quick iPhone unlock procedure flagged and removed from the site, he decided to offer the service for a trade rather than cash. See “Brooklynite Offers IPhone Unlocking In Exchange for Free Bagels.”

Jef’s “trade me” post was then flagged and removed. So, he wrote another post offering the same service for free, only to see that one also flagged and removed by the community.

Most of the posters are being flagged as scalpers or spammers. There’s nothing in Craigslist’s Terms of Use which says you can’t sell unlocking services. There’s also nothing stating that you can’t offer an unlocked phone at a premium price. But look at the FAQ and you’ll see that reselling for a premium is considered scalping, an activity which might get you flagged.

Want some hookers and blow? No problem we have all sorts of selections. Want an iPhone unlocked? Nope, sorry can’t help you. That’s illegal. Craigslist really is the Bizarro World of the internet.