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Here’s to you iPod offering craigslist rapist guy

Ada County jury finds man guilty of attempted rape after posting Craigslist ad offering free iPod:

Our favorite iPod offering would be Idaho craigslist rapist, Stephen Newman, was found guilty of attempted rape.

It seems the Newman had a predilection for rape as he would take videos of himself and an ‘actress’ who would pretend to be raped. Not to mention the fact the items he was found with.

The jury only deliberated for three hours.

No word on when sentencing will be yet.

Would be craigslist rapist on trial

Prosecutors say Meridian man intended rape:

Last July 33-year-old Stephen Newman of Meridian, Idaho was arrested for attempted rape last July. he is accused of placing an ad on craigslist for a free iPod then laid in wait for the woman who responded to the ad.

Luckily the woman was smart enough to smell some kind of scam. The woman followed the instructions given to her by the ‘seller’ which led them to a porta-potty outside of a park where a man just happened to be lying in wait.

Officers say they found Newman wearing a black stocking cap, and they also found a knife, BB gun and ski gloves.

Police seized a laptop in Newman’s SUV which later was found to contain home movies that prosecutors say showed Newman having sex with a woman who was pretending that she was being raped by him.

His defense is that he was playing a prank. You want a prank? Here’s one. SURPRISE!!! You’re going to jail.