The Egyptian Revolution


I’m ecstatic for the people of Egypt and hopefully the abdication of Mubarak brings them the freedom that they’re looking for.

However much like I said about the unrest in Iran, to all the people in the US who were hoping for Egypt’s freedom I have to ask again where were you in 2003 when the people of Iraq we’re being liberated?

The hikers in Iran

Let me preface this by saying I wish no ill will to the hikers being held in Iran and I hope for their families that the government of Iran releases them.

However I have to question their actions. I mean who goes hiking in a war-torn country (Iraq)? And if you’re that skilled of a hiker how do you get that lost that you end up in Iran.

The whole situation makes me wonder if it was all some sort of misguided protest against the recent elections in Iran.

I hope they come home soon and that it doesn’t take 444 days.

Freedom for some…


You know, I’ve been trying to stay away from politics because there is no real political discourse anymore. It’s usually just one side yelling at the other for whatever reason.

However, when you read about what’s going on in Iran you can’t help to wax political. However, my post isn’t about Iran per se but more about the Western world.

First, let me preface this by saying that I hope the people of Iran do gain their freedom. I know somebody will misconstrue my post somehow as support for the current regime in Iran.

Next, I want to address all the people who are changing their Twitter icons to green to show support for the Iranians. That’s great, whatever floats your goat. However don’t get down on somebody who hasn’t, like me. I know you’re trying to bring awareness to the plight of Iranians but to me, it’s like the ribbon craze of the ’90s when everybody felt it was necessary to wear a colored ribbon for whatever cause. I didn’t need to wear a red ribbon then to show that I was concerned about AIDS. Conversely, I don’t need a green Twitter icon to show I’m supporting the Iranian people. Not to mention the so-called awareness factor. You’d have to be living under the proverbial rock to not know what was going on in Iran right now. If there are people who are that ignorant then they can’t be of any help anyway.

Now on to my main point. I would lay odds that the majority of you who are supporting the Iranians could have not given a rat’s ass about the freedom of the Iraqi people back in 2003. Forget why you think the war in Iraq was started. I don’t care if you think it was about oil or not the fact remains that the people of Iraq no longer live under a dictator who made Mahmoud Ahmadinejad look like Abraham Lincoln. I already know what you’re thinking though. You’re thinking that while the Iranians are trying to gain their freedom from within we ‘interfered’ with the ‘sovereign’ government of Iraq. To that, I say we would have waited a long time before an internal revolution would have happened in Iraq. While Iran may not be as free as say the U.S. or Canada they obviously have a lot more freedom than the Iraqis did prior to the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

I know what else you’re thinking too. You’re thinking that this all started in Iran because of a fixed election. Then I guess you don’t remember the countless elections that Saddam Hussein won with 100% of the vote. Where were you then?

You’re either for freedom for all or you’re not.

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Iran has a problem with ‘The Wrestler’


Iran angered over films ‘The Wrestler’ and ‘300’:

The ever tolerant country of Iran seems to have a problem with the critically acclaimed movie ‘The Wrestler’ starring Mickey Rourke.

Iranians also criticized “The Wrestler” starring Mickey Rourke as a rundown professional wrestler who is preparing for a rematch with his old nemesis, “The Ayatollah.” During a fight scene, “The Ayatollah” tries to choke Rourke with an Iranian flag before Rourke pulls the flagpole away, breaks it and throws it into the cheering crowd.

Hello? Have they never seen the Iron Sheik wrestle? That’s basically every match he had with Sgt. Slaughter.

Ronnie James Dio, the answer to world peace

With all the strife and turmoil that has been going on in the Middle East, I have come up with the solution. There is only one man with the wisdom and presence to bring peace to the region. That man’s name is Ronnie James Dio.

I know what you’re thinking? What can a musician do to solve the Middle East crisis? Dio is not just a musician, he is a god among men. For instance, he speaks to the heart of the Iranian people…

Iranian teens speak love, life and… metal:

Mani is a 16-year old student from Karaj, just west of Tehran. He plays football as a centre forward and trains every day after school with his coach.

When I ask him about his dreams he explains he wants to play in Europe.

He says Iran has some very talented players, but that they don?t play well together, thus scuppering the country’s chances of international success.

Mani’s other passion is music.

“I love rock and metal music. Ronnie James Dio is my favourite singer,” he beams.

Still not convinced? Read the words of a noted political pundit…

Casting the First Stone:

When I think of peace and good will in this part of the world, I am reminded of what rock star legend Ronnie James Dio once said. He said “where good thrives, evil survives.” This is very well described in Middle East politics and society. As long as evil lives, so will war and death. Only when sin is defeated by the return of Christ our Lord will these things be destroyed.

So Ronnie James Dio could be the harbinger for the second coming.

So now I appeal to Mr. Dio to be that Holy Diver and to Stand Up and Shout for world peace before the chains are on and we’re all the last in line.


All hail his name \m/

If you were offended by this I have three words for ya. Lighten Up, Francis.