Corpus Christi 3-year-old starved

3 1/2-year-old Boy Admitted To Driscoll Children’s Hospital Weighing Only 20 lbs.:

Judge Denies Mother Ability To See Her Children:

Back in February 3-year-old Isaac Villarreal of Corpus Christi, TX was removed from his house by CPS because he only weighed 20 pounds. His birth organism, Alma Villareal, claimed that Isaac had an obesity problem and was on “a special diet”. She claimed that a pediatrician admonished her for Isaac being too fat when he was two. Doctors at the hospital that Isaac was admitted to found no evidence of Villareal’s claims.

More recently Isaac has put on weight but doctors are saying that he will more than likely have learning disabilities because of the starvation.

Villareal’s 3 other daughters were also removed from the home and a judge has denied Villarreal’s request to see her children.

Child abuse charges are still pending against Villareal.

Thanks to KC for the tip.