Elijah Archuleta died for no reason

Mother, boyfriend went on errands after toddler burned:

I actually saw this story yesterday but I passed on it because I thought it was a duplicate of story I had posted before. It wasn’t until I saw it on Dreamin’ Demon that I realized it wasn’t the same story.

23-year-old Isela Reyes-Talamantes and her boyfriend 24-year-old John Vigil have been arrested in the death of her son, 2-year-old Elijah Archuleta.

It is alleged that Vigil had burned Elijah in the bath at around 8am while Reyes-Talamantes was at work. Rather than going to the hospital Vigil waited. He picked up Reyes-Talamantes from work around 1:30pm which is when she first found out about Elijah being burned.

Still they did not take him to the hospital. Instead they went to a court hearing for Vigil, Walgreens, a bank, a gas station, a restaurant, and then went home getting there around 7pm.

Still with me? So far that’s roughly 11 hours since Elijah had been scalded. But wait, there’s more.

Then vigil went out and hung out with his buddies at another restaurant. Then after he got home they went to the ER and got there at close to 11pm. So that’s 15 hours since he was originally burned did they finally get him medical attention. But since you’re reading this here you can probably guess how this story ends.

Elijah was more than likely already dead by the time they got to the hospital. As usual in these types of cases the couple lied to the hospital saying he was burned days ago but they brought him to the hospital because he was ‘choking’.

When police returned to the house they interviewed Elijah’s 4-year-old sister…

Also quoted in the probable cause statement is the toddler’s 4-year-old sister. The girl told a a Denver Police Forensic interviewer on Saturday that “John John [Vigil] was mad at mommy because mommy was crying” because she said her brother was dead.

Then Reyes-Talamantes admitted that they planned to lie to police and the hospital. So to me it sounds like Elijah had been dead for a while and Vigil was doing anything within his power to not go to the hospital.

Whenever these stories happen I have to remind the child abusers out there that they’re not smarter than police or medical staff. They know more than you and will always find out the truth.