Vegetarian man beats 3-year-old son to cast out the meat demons

Father jailed in beating of 3-year-old:

The smiling idiot over there is 35-year-old Jacky Tran of Houston, Texas. He beat his 3-year-old son so badly that according to police the child’s head was the color maroon. And why did Tran think the child deserved such a helalcious beating? Tran, who is a Buddhist, became an extremist in his views recently and the vegetarian Tran thought the boy had demons after he ate a piece of meat.

The strange thing is that Tran had no prior criminal record and CPS had never been to the house before. That makes me think that he either went certifiably insane in a very short time or someone whispered into his ear to make him have new found zealotry in his beliefs.

And before anyone gets up in my grill this isn’t an indictment on Buddhism or vegetarianism, it’s just on one psycho who happens to be both.

Thanks to CR for the tip.