Craigslist child pimps plead guilty

Story points to potential social networking dangers:

I originally posted about Robert Harris and Richard Johnson here. They were half of a four man crew that were running a prostitution ring on craigslist  in Millersville, Maryland in order to buy ecstasy and gold teeth. Which I think in this context are pronounced ‘teef’.

That crew was also prostituting out underage girls from Ohio.

Harris and Johnson have both pleaded guilty.

According to authorities Harris also tried to tamper with witnesses from behind bars.

The other half of the crew, Craig Allen Corey and Jacob Tyler, are still awaiting trial.

Harris and Johnson are still facing life behind bars.

Army Private indicted as craigslist child pimp

Feds: Army private used Craigslist to entice and sell prostitutes:

Ft. Meade soldier indicted on prostitution charges:

23-year-old Pfc. Craig Allen Corey II has been indicted in federal court for running a prostitution ring on such sites as craigslist. One of the girls he was allegedly prostituting was a 16-year-old girl.

Corey and three other accomplices from Ohio would transport the girls from Ohio to the Washington D.C. area.

Those also indicted were Robert Harris, 21, Richard Johnson, 22, and Jacob Tyler, 22, all of Ohio.

They used the profits from their business to buy Ecstasy. If you’re running a prostitution ring just to get high you may have a drug problem.

All four are facing life sentences for sex trafficking by force and Corey is facing another life sentence for sex trafficking of a minor. At least the feds take these predators seriously.

However what I really want to get at is how they allegedly got around craigslist’s mystery screening of the adult services section. According to one article they used prepaid debit cards and aliases to get around it. Granted this was before the change in May but it still shows how little craigslist cares about stopping prostitution.