Brutal craigslist pimp arrested

Brooklyn man accused of sex trafficking:

Meanwhile we still have other crimes to clear out of my inbox.

24-year-old Jamali Brockett of Brooklyn, New York has been arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking. He allegedly pimped out girls on craigslist ranging in age from 15 to 20 along the Eastern Seaboard. He would take the girls’ money and pay for their food clothes and shelter. He sexually assaulted them and would threaten them into not leaving his employ.

Let’s hear from the U.S. District Attorney…

At a brief court appearance yesterday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Pam Chen called Brockett, also known as “Marley,” “King” and “Daddy,” a “menace to society, who preyed upon young women for his own profit and sexual gratification.”

I guess his girls wouldn’t be considered victims would they?