Child porn coach

Details Surface In Child Porn Case Against Coach”

James Hart

James Hart

Pictured at left is one James C. Hart. He’s a coach, a youth volunteer, and a champion powerlifter. Since I’m posting about him here you know he’s not being profiled as a pillar of the community. He’s accused of making child porn. Apparently he used MySpace to find some of his victims.

Hart allegedly used the website My to persuade girls as young as 14-years-old to take nude pictures of themselves and send them to him.

Using a screen name “J-C”, with a profile that said he was 18-years-old, investigators said Hart went so far as to tell the teens to write those initials on their bodies before taking the pictures.

The affidavit shows that the allegations against Hart stemmed from a mother’s discovery. The paperwork shows that she found sexually explicit images of her 16-year-old daughter on the home computer.

Hart was allegedly coercing the 16-year-old using to have her send more images. In a chat, the affidavit shows, Hart messaged the girl, saying, “Maybe I will just print the pics (another girl) sent me and pass them around town with your name on them.” The girl responded: “I don’t like it when people are so controllive.” Hart responded: “Look, I am not asking. I am telling you, send the pics now,” the affidavit shows. Sgt. Scott Christensen could not talk about Hart’s case, but said that in other Internet sex cases he investigates, it is common for predators to coerce children into sending more photographs.

It seems he had the prerequisite hidden camera too.

Police said that Hart would have the girls over to his duplex, where he would coach them and have them change their clothes in a dressing room where he hid the camera. “Parents need to be aware,” said Christensen. “They need to be involved. Unfortunately, our coaches aren’t some place like you drop your kids off for baby-sitting.”

There were three different girls videotaped in Hart’s basement, police said, and all three have been identified and notified.

Since he was using a bogus MySpace account I could not locate it but…

Hart’s profile listed himself as an 18-year-old male. He had over 1,000 friends.

That’s one sick dude right there.

And from that picture doesn’t he look like he should be looking for his red Swingline stapler?