WI craigslist creeper tried using Backpage as an excuse

WI Craigslist creeper tried using Backpage as an excuse

James Gnewikow

Captain Combover up there is 65-year-old James Gnewikow of Wilton, Wisconsin. According to police from Holmen, Wisconsin, about 50 miles away, Gnewikow allegedly placed an ad on craigslist looking for a “real female, any age.”

Holmen police responded to the ad posing as a 15-year-old girl. Gnewikow is said to have offered the ‘girl’ money for sex after finding out her age. When police arrested him at the predetermined meeting place. Gnewikow reportedly told officers that he was there to meet an adult woman from Backpage. So basically he was there to meet a prostitute rather than an underage girl.

I’ll say this much, that’s a pretty good strategy. If police buy it, you only get arrested for soliciting a prostitute instead of a child. Good in theory but horrible in execution because if the police are already there waiting for you, or show up right after you arrive, they already know why you’re there.