James Hawkins guilty of killing and dismembering wife, raping daughter

James Hawkins

James Hawkins

I originally posted about this piece of rat excrement, James Hawkins, here. Back in 2008 Hawkins was arrested for murdering and dismembering his wife and mother of his three children, Charlene Gaither, in front of their daughter. Not only did he murder and dismember her but he also forced his then 12-year-old daughter to take part in chopping up her mother. According to reports the girl was forced to hold her dead mother’s head while Hawkins went to town with a saw.

Hawkins was molesting his own 12-year-old daughter and when Gaither found out about it she filed a protective order against Hawkins but again pieces of paper don’t stop chicken shits like Hawkins.

After his arrest Hawkins defense was that he dismembered her body but didn’t kill her. Then in court his big macho defense was that his daughter killed her own mother.

If you’ll notice nowhere in this post have I used the word ‘allegedly’. That’s because yesterday Hawkins was convicted of killing Ms. Gaither and molesting his daughter. At last check the jury was contemplating his sentence and he could receive the death penalty. As my wife is fond of saying the death penalty is too good for piece of shit like this. You get a needle and you go to sleep and never wake up. Too peaceful for an obvious coward like Hawkins. ‘They’ should give his cellies knives and saws and let them go to town on Hawkins.

And check out the piss poor excuse his defense attorney is bleating in hoping that his client doesn’t get death…

Defense attorney Gerald Skahan said he’s hopeful Hawkins won’t receive the death penalty, and plans to bring testimonies on Hawkins’ troubled upbringing in mitigation. “His brother was murdered and that kind of set off a chain of events in his life that I think that’s important that the jury hear… I think that had a tremendous impact on James and in his life and it’s those type of things that I think it’s important the jury know.”

That’s a load of bullshit. If you ask me this whole ‘bad childhood’ crap is what has gotten this country into the crime problem that it’s in today. Too many chicken shit coward killers and rapists have the jury feel sorry for them because daddy didn’t get them the toy they wanted for Christmas. He killed Ms. Gaither only to try to keep his child molesting ass out of prison.

Surprisingly it’s scum like Hawkins that reinforce my beliefs in Heaven and Hell. I have a hard time believing that there isn’t a greater justice waiting for these scumbags than the one this world can deliver.

Rot in hell scum.

My apologies to whomever sent in the tip as I have misplaced your name.

UPDATE: Hawkins received the death sentence.

12-year-old girl forced to cut up her own mother’s body

Girl Forced to Help Killer, Police Say:

Police: Man made daughter help as he cut body:

31-year-old James Hawkins of Memphis, Tenn. has been charged in the brutal murder Charlene Gaither in February of 2008. Gaither and Hawkins had three children together. Gaither was killed five months after Hawkins had been paroled from prison after serving 15 years for robbery.

What makes this story even more tragic is that not only did their then 12-year-old daughter witness the murder but Hawkins allegedly forced the girl to help him dismember the body. The girl claims she could only look away when her mother’s head fell to the floor after cutting it off with an electric saw.

When the girl protested that she didn’t want to do this anymore Hawkins allegedly said “Do you want to die too?”

Gaither’s body was found without her head hands or feet. She was identified through DNA.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

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