Kentucky toddler dies after ingesting meth chemicals

Teen parents charged in toddler’s meth-related death:

Child Dies After Ingesting Meth Ingredient:

Meth chemical that killed toddler was in a coffee cup on a table:

I kid about certain states sometimes like West Virginia and never really had a problem with Kentucky, until now. And let’s get this one out of the way up front. The following story takes place in a trailer.

22-month-old Kayden Branham of Monticello, Kentucky died after swallowing chemicals used to manufacture meth. Both Breeders have been charged with murder in his death. They would be sperm donor Bryan Daniels, 19, and the 14-year-old birth organism. That’s not a typo as so many of you pointed out to me. That means he was 17 and she was 12 when she gave birth. Which also means she may have been younger when she got pregnant.

The chemical was drain cleaner, specifically called Liquid Fire, that had been left in coffee cup. Even if you feel compelled to make meth you would think that these tweakers would at least keep their kids away from it. Sadly this isn’t the first baby drinking meth chemicals story we’ve had.

4 ‘adults’ have also been charged with manufacturing meth. They would be Danny Anderson II, 26; James Hunt, 24; Alisha Dicken, 21; and Wesley Bell, 24.

So we’ve got meth, a trailer, and a severe case of underage pregnancy. It’s like Jerry Springer meets COPS.

Thanks to every one who sent this tip in.