Student brings 3 guns to San Antonio high school

May or may not have been in student's possession

May or may not have been in student’s possession

Madison High School student with 3 loaded guns in custody:

Madison student named, charged after weapons brought to school:

17-year-old Brendan Tarwater was arrested earlier today for allegedly bringing 3 guns and ammunition to James Madison High School in San Antonio, Texas. The media are saying that one of the guns was an AK-47, but the media doesn’t have a great track record in identifying guns and sometimes have called just about any type of rifle an AK-47. You’ll notice that they haven’t identified the other two guns, but I digress.

Surprisingly and thankfully it was Tarwater’s parents who not only notified the school that their son may have brought the guns to school but actually went to the school to warn them. His parents noticed that the guns were missing. Let’s hear it for attentive parenting and gun ownership for once. Tarwater was brought to the office peacefully and authorities were able to secure the weapons without any bloodshed.

According to police Tarwater said that he had planned on using the guns to make some kind of demands at school so it sounds like he was planning on taking hostages. Hostage situations in schools never end well. Nickel Mines jumps immediately to mind. So far whatever Tarwater’s demands were going to be or his motive have not yet been made public. I haven’t heard the bullying trope yet but it’s still early. School officials have said that Tarwater is going to be charged as an adult.

I can’t stop help thinking how bad this could have gone if his parents didn’t intervene. How sad is it that his parents are in the minority of acting responsibly when it comes to these kinds of situations?

UPDATE 9/2/2015: Tarwater, now 18, was sentenced to 8 years behind bars.