VF pedo had collar and chain for 13-year-old girl

James Michael Young

James Michael Young

Vampire site chat leads to alleged tryst:

I know a lot of people who have BDSM relationships. That’s fine. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is scum who think it’s ok for underage kids to be in one.

32-year-old James Michael Young of Fort Wayne, Indiana is accused of meeting a 13-year-old girl for the purposes of sex (child rape) over the goth social site VampireFreaks. VF is also very BDSM friendly but I’m sure that’s supposed to be for consenting adults.

Young allegedly went to the girl’s house in Richmond, Kentucky (258 mile trip) where the child rape took place. Police say that Young told them that he was well aware of the girl’s age. When police searched his car they found a leash and dog collar that was said to be for the girl. The girl was under the impression that Young was her boyfriend. Police were contacted by the girl’s grandmother who supposedly caught Young fleeing from the girl’s room.

This all happened back in March but has made the news recently because what was once a state case in Kentucky has now become a federal case as the FBI has taken over. It doesn’t matter how close or how far away a pedophile may travel. Once you cross state lines the FBI will be looking for you.