7 arrested in MySpace sting

Seven men arrested in Twiggs County child Internet sting:

Seven men from Twiggs County, Georgia have been arrested in an internet child predator sting.

Deputies teamed up with a group called Perverted Justice, whose workers posed as 13- and 14-year-old girls on Web sites such as Yahoo.com and Myspace.com. The men, ages 24 to 64, live in various parts of the state and are charged with a variety of charges such as computer child exploitation online and obscene Internet contact with a child. One man was a former high school coach, and another was a youth mentor at a church, investigators said.

Here is a link to their names and mugshots. For historical purpose their names are Jeffrey Pansino, Shaharyar Rashid, James Ronald Cosby, Daniel Eric Bowman, Robert Elton Hill, Casey Dykes, and Kenneth Mack Smith.

If there’s that many predators in such a small area I shudder to think how many must be in a big city.