Pine Middle shooting survivor shares her story

Siobhan McAndrew: Life for one victim eight years after the Pine Middle School shooting:

James Scott Newman

James Scott Newman

In 2006 a then 14-year-old James Scott Newman took his parents’ .38 revolver to Pine Middle School in Reno, Nevada, where he opened fire striking two students. Luckily both students survived. Newman was tried as a juvenile and only received house arrest as a sentence. Also his parents were not charged for allowing their son access to the gun. The shooting was 8 years ago tomorrow and one of his victims recently told her story.

22-year-old Kenzie McKeon recently told her story to Siobhan McAndrew of the Reno Gazette-Journal. Mckeon says that she doesn’t let her life be ruled by the shooting and said that sometimes she doesn’t even remember that March 14th was the day it happened. She says that because of the shooting she’s getting ready to graduate from Appalachian State University in North Carolina with a degree in criminal justice. She also added that she was not happy about Newman’s sentence…

“It was the punishment that I don’t think was right because this is something I have to deal with the rest of my life,” McKeon said of Newman’s house arrest.

What really struck me as poignant is what Ms. McKeon said about what can be done about school shootings.

“We have to refocus efforts on the mental health of children,” she said.

My thoughts exactly however too many parents think taking their kids to get some kind of mental health is a stigma. Too many parents rely on pop culture pseudo science than actual medicine or they think they’re kids are just going through a phase. When I was a teen I tried killing myself on multiple occasions. That wasn’t just a phase.

Thank you Ms. McKeon for sharing your story with us and I wish you nothing but the best in your life.

Newman’s sentencing appeal denied

Judge says teenager in shooting should receive house arrest:

The appeal for the ridiculously light sentence Pine Middle School shooter James Scott Newman received has been denied…

A judge on Friday agreed that a 14-year-old Pine Middle School student who shot a classmate should be sentenced to house arrest.

Prosecutors challenged Court Master Janet Schmuck’s May ruling involving James Newman, who said he brought his father’s gun to school March 14 because he was sick of being made fun of.

But Washoe District Family Court Judge Frances Doherty sided with Schmuck’s ruling, dismissing claims that Schmuck abused her discretion.

Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick had called Schmuck’s ruling “crazy,” and during Friday’s hearing, Deputy District Attorney Jo Lee Wickes said Schmuck’s decision did not consider public safety.

Wickes added that Newman would benefit more from being incarcerated because he would have more education, socialization and recreation opportunities.

Newman’s attorney, David Houston, said the boy is doing well on house arrest and that psychiatrists deemed him a low risk to commit similar violent offenses.

Houston said the prosecutor’s claim that Schmuck abused her discretion was based on “societal revenge” because he was not incarcerated for a crime that sent fear through the school and the community.

Schmuck has said she struggled with the sentencing and wanted to give Newman and his family a chance to “make it work.”

Schmuck ordered that Newman and his family undergo counseling, that all weapons be removed from their home and that he complete 200 hours of community service.

Newman also cannot get a driver’s license until 90 days after his 16th birthday and can’t get a hunting license for two years.

Justice in Reno is not only blind it’s also retarded.

Pine Middle prosecutor upset over sentence

Prosecutor calls house arrest in Reno school shooting ‘crazy’:

Washoe County (Nev.) District Attorney Richard Gammick had some things to say about the light sentence Pine Middle School shooter James Scott Newman received…

Gammick said the sentence undermines efforts to keep guns out of schools.

“It sends an absolutely terrible message,” he told The Associated Press.

“Factually, this is a simple case. A kid takes a gun to school and shoots somebody he doesn’t even know and injures another kid and he gets put on house arrest? Give me a break,” he said.

“House arrest was not even on my radar scope,” Gammick said.

Gammick said his office has received a number of calls from parents concerned that Newman will end up at an area high schools next year.

“We have been preaching anti-guns and no weapons in school in all facets of law enforcement and in the school districts, and then we get a slap on the wrist for what happened here. This is crazy,” he said.

Of course, the criminal defense attorney sees it a different way…

David Houston, Newman’s lawyer, said Gammick was ignoring the facts.

Newman “was incarcerated for 2 1/2 months, so to suggest that he was being released with no consequences is absurd,” Houston said.

“We’re talking about a boy who never had so much as a sleep-over away from his house,” he said.

Houston said Newman made significant progress in counseling in past weeks, receiving therapy at least two times a week with a psychologist his parents hired.

“The state’s own experts said he moved from being a high risk to a low risk during that period of time,” he said.

This case has been a travesty of justice from the beginning. First, Newman was tried as a juvenile. Secondly, the parents are facing no charges because the gun was allegedly secured. And lastly, house arrest and community service for shooting two people is a joke.

Mr. Gammick is absolutely right. This is crazy.

Pine Middle School shooter sentenced

Teen Gets House Arrest in Nev. Shooting:

RENO, Nev. — A 14-year-old boy who shot and injured two fellow middle school students was sentenced Friday to house arrest until he completes 200 hours of community service.

Prosecutors had recommended James Scott Newman, who pleaded guilty to battery with a deadly weapon, be placed in a state juvenile facility.

Washoe County Juvenile Court Master Janet Schmuck acknowledged she struggled with the sentence before she ordered to him to have electronic monitoring and 24-hour supervision at his parents home in Reno.

“If it does not work to the court’s satisfaction, James will be committed,” Schmuck said. “But I want to give James and his family an opportunity to make it work.”

Deputy District Attorney Jo Lee Wickes immediately appealed the sentence, saying it was not proper given the seriousness of the crime.

He shot two people and all he gets is an ankle bracelet and community service. The judge is living up to her last name.

Pine Middle shooter to enter plea

Pine school shooting suspect to enter plea:

James Scott Newman, the 14-year-old gunman in the Pine Middle School shooting, has agreed to enter a plea this Friday and will be sentenced…

David Houston, the boy’s lawyer, said this was the best outcome.

“The family and James look forward to the opportunity to put his matter behind them by accepting responsibility for what he has done and ask the court for what they felt to be the appropriate penalty,” Houston said.

“The family and James continue to extend their apologies to the young people injured in this event and their families,” Houston said.

Since James is a juvenile the details of the plea won’t be released until Friday.

Pine Middle shooter denied release

Accused teen shooter’s release denied:

James Scott Newman, the 14-year-old Pine Middle School gunman in Reno, Nevada, had his request for release denied by a Nevada juvenile judge…

Juvenile Court Master Janet Schmuck said Friday that she ordered the detention of 14-year-old James Scott Newman during his initial hearing on March 20 because he was considered a danger to society.

“And I have not heard anything to change that,” Schmuck said.

Get your giggles out now over the judge’s name.

Of course, the defense and the prosecution have differing opinions…

Two psychologists, one appointed by the state and another hired by the family, evaluated Newman to determine whether he’s a safety risk. They came to different conclusions. The state-hired psychologist said Newman was a threat, while Earl Nielsen said the boy could safely be released.

Nielsen, who had been hired by the family, told the judge he had met with Newman several times and reviewed school reports and community letters. He found that although the boy may suffer from anxiety and depression, he does not suffer from any psychological disorders suggesting any new violent behavior.

“I don’t believe that James presents a high risk to the community,” Nielsen testified. “I don’t think he’s a danger to himself. I don’t think he’s a danger to others.”

Houston told the judge Newman’s family has outlined a plan for complete care and supervision round-the-clock should he be released, including therapy for the boy and his family, medical care, help from neighbors, education, and exercise.

But Wickes argued that Newman’s behavior before the incident, and the shooting itself, shows that he can’t be trusted.

Newman told one evaluator he had tried to get his brother to buy a carbon-dioxide cartridge for an air rifle, “so that (James Scott Newman) could harm more people when he ran out of bullets,” she said. And he had read information on the Internet about the Columbine High School shootings because “it helped inspire him.”

“He rejected using a .45-caliber because it was too complicated, and he described the 38 as his favorite gun,” Wickes said. “He rejected stabbing someone because he didn’t want all that blood on him.”

The trial has been set for June 22nd.

Pine Middle shooter denies charges

Reno boy denies charges in school shooting:

Is this the same as pleading not guilty?

A 14-year-old boy accused of wounding two classmates in a shooting at a Reno middle school has denied four charges against him and will face trial in June.

James Scott Newman sat quietly in a hearing before a juvenile court master as his lawyer entered the denial pleas for him.

How can someone who fired a gun in a crowded school hallway in front of dozens of witnesses deny the charges?

I can’t wait to hear the defense on this one.

Pine Middle shooter to undergo psych eval

Suspect in Reno middle school shooting to undergo psych exam:

James Scott Newman, the Pine Middle School shooter, has been ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation but he must remain in juvenile detention until the evaluation is completed. Newman has been expelled for a year not only from Pine Middle but also from every school in the state of Nevada. If Newman is found guilty he could be held until he is 21.

Pine Middle Shooter to be charged as juvenile

Juvenile battery charges for Reno school shooting suspect:

James Scott Newman, the gunman at the Pine Middle School shooting in Reno, Nevada that wounded two, is now being charged as a juvenile…

Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick said that based on the current evidence, Newman was moved to a juvenile detention center in Reno where he will face two counts of battery with a deadly weapon.

“It has been determined that a review of the evidence and meetings between prosecutors and police personnel, that the requirement of specific intent to kill cannot be met from the facts of this case,” Gammick said in a statement late Friday.

He planned the shooting a week in advance. He researched other school shootings. He brought a gun with three bullets to school. He discharged the weapon at the school striking two students. But there was no intent to kill?


Parents to face no charges in Pine Middle shooting

Court documents reveal chilling details about Reno middle school shooting:

Nothing we haven’t been over already but there was this little tidbit at the end of the article…

Police say it’s unlikely that Newman’s parents will be charged with any crime in connection with the gun because they say there were gun locks and other reasonable security methods used at their home.

If the security measures were so reasonable then how did Newman obtain the gun?