Child rapist pleads guilty

Baby Rapist Faces Life in Prison:

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about James Wamsley. He might stick out in your mind. He was accused of raping an infant. I say was accused because he pleaded guilty to the charges.

As part of the plea, Wamsley was also found guilty of an aggravating factor, including the vulnerability of the child.

Aggravating factors affect how the teen will be sentenced.

Since then, lawyers have duked it out over another aggravating factor: the injuries to the baby.

In a trial hearing Tuesday, a judge ruled the teen is guilty of that second aggravating factor, which could put him away for life.

Wamsley was charged as an adult and if anybody has a problem with that I present the following…

Experts said most rape cases in children don’t require surgery at all.

But this little boy was hurt so badly, he needed surgery in Spokane.

In nearly two decades as a pediatric specialist, Dr. Zirkle has seen only a handful of cases involving an infant.

“There probably aren’t more than 15 or 20 in my career that are under the age of one,” she said.

Dr. Zirkle was one of a handful of doctors who examined the little boy’s medical information, and confirmed his wounds wouldn’t have healed on their own.

Wamsley is looking at a possible life sentence. Sentencing is scheduled for January 8th.

Wamsley to be tried as an adult

Teen will be tried as adult in Benton County rape case:

The other day I posted about James Wamsley the 17-year-old that is accused of raping a 9-month old baby. It garnered a lot of traffic to this site so now I’m playing catch up on the information. This is an article from a week ago that states that Wamsley is going to be tried as an adult. How could you not in this case? I would love for someone to tell me why he shouldn’t be tried as an adult. It wouldn’t be the first time that a teen committed such a heinous crime while people cry and whine that he needs “help” not prison.

A trial date of July 23rd has been set.

Accused child rapist

Myspace site Reveals New Information About Accused Child Rapist:

17 or 18-year-old James Wamsley is accused of raping a 9-month-old boy over the Memorial Day weekend. According to the article Wamsley is supposed to have posed for pictures with numerous guns. I didn’t see any gun pics. I’m guessing someone got to his MySpace after the article came out.

EDIT: The pics of him with guns are in fact still there. I didn’t go deep enough into his picture albums. Thanks to Ashley and Bob for pointing that out.