3 Breeders, 2 filthy homes, 7 children removed, all in Indianapolis

Mothers Arrested After Children Found In Filthy Home:

In our first story 25-year-old Tiffney Johnson and 28-year-old Jamie Presley (not the one from My Name Is Earl) were arrested on charges of felony neglect.

Police were investigating an extension cord that ran from a neighbor’s garage to their house. When police disconnected the cord no one came to the door because neither birth organism was home at the time. However four children were, ages 14, 7, 5 and 7 months.

The kids had lice in their hair, roaches were everywhere, dog feces were on the floor, maggots were found, there was little food and of course there was no electricity. The pair were out for 5 hours having a ‘girl’s night out’.

The kids were removed and placed with child welfare.

3 Children Removed From Filthy Home:

In our second story 45-year-old…hold on…(looks at mugshot) 45? Really? I hope I don;t look that crappy in 5 years. Then again I gave up meth for Lent.

Anyway, 45-year-old Susan Hensley was arrested on neglect charges for having two of her own kids and another kid who was visiting in a home infested with rats and roaches.

Hensley’s kids were 15 and 6 with an 11-year-old friend spending the night. That kid is going to have rat nightmares considering police said they saw a foot long rat in the residence while they were investigating.

The basement was said to have had six inches of sewage. And the house of course had the pre-required animal feces.

Is there some kind of filthy home handbook that these people subscribe too?

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.