Ten years since the murder of Jamie Rose Bolin

Kevin Ray Underwood

Kevin Ray Underwood

Normally I’m not one to engage in remembrances of tragic events however sometimes there are events that are so tragic that when the sate comes around it must be discussed. One of those tragedies was the brutal 2006 murder of 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin at the hands of Kevin Ray Underwood of Purcell, Oklahoma. This past Tuesday, April 12th, was the tenth anniversary of her murder.

Jamie Rose Bolin

Jamie Rose Bolin

What made Jamie’s murder stand out more than most was not only the brutal fashion in which she was killed but because of the senselessness of it all and the selfishness of her killer. You see, Underwood was obsessed with the concept of cannibalism. He had such a strong desire to know what the taste of human fresh was like that he not only murdered his young victim but he raped her postmortem and attempted to cut off her head after that. Underwood cared so little about his victim that he even volunteered to join the search for her after she went missing. Underwood was convicted in 2008 and sentenced to death shortly thereafter. After having a number of appeals denied he still remains on Oklahoma’s death row. The death penalty has never been awarded to one more deserving of it. At least by me Jamie will never be forgotten.

To see what I posted about Jamie’s murder at the time you can read the archives.

UPDATE 8/3/2016: Underwood’s death sentence has been upheld. A federal judge rejected Underwood’s argument that he was mentally ill at the time of Jamie’s murder.

Kevin Ray Underwood’s latest appeal denied

Jamie Rose Bolin

Jamie Rose Bolin

Okla. court denies appeal of death row inmate convicted of killing a 10-year-old Purcell girl:

Kevin Ray Underwood has had his latest appeal denied by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. Underwood was convicted and sentenced to death for the brutal 2006 murder of 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin. Underwood kidnapped her then killed her then raped her before attempting to cut her head off for the purposes of cannibalism. Yes, in that order.

In his latest appeal Underwood argued that his mental health history wasn’t taken into account at the time of his trial even going so far as claiming that he has Asperger’s.

Asperger’s is a recurring theme at this site. Defense attorneys have used it to blame everything from murder to child molestation but cannibalism is a new one.

As I’ve said many times in the past Asperger’s does not cause people to kill. It does not cloud someone’s judgment between what is right and wrong. For defense attorneys to try to use it as an excuse to get their clients off does a huge disservice to the people who excel in their lives in spite of having Asperger’s.

Underwood knew what exactly what he was doing considering he went to great lengths to keep his actions hidden even volunteering to assist in the search for Jamie while all the while he knew she was dead.

His execution couldn’t come soon enough.

Underwood’s death sentence upheld

Jamie Rose Bolin

Jamie Rose Bolin

It’s been a long time since I last posted about Kevin Ray Underwood. He’s the piece of human excrement who back in 2006 in Purcell, Oklahoma killed 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin.

Not only did he kill her but he also raped her after death, tried to cut her head off and hid the body in a Rubbermaid container all while blogging about trivial matters and even volunteered in her search.

He was convicted in her murder and was sentenced to death but back in October he appealed his sentence claiming that there was a police roadblock set up in an area where Jamie had not been spotted. It was at this roadblock where police first came into contact with Underwood.

Thankfully Underwood’s appeal was denied this past Friday and is still on track for his date with the needle. No word on when the execution will take place yet.

Kevin Ray Underwood appealing death sentence


Jamie Rose Bolin

Okla. man appeals death penalty in child killing:

Back in 2006 in Purcell, Oklahoma Kevin Ray Underwood killed 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin. He beat her over the head with a cutting board, suffocated her, raped her after death, cut her neck down to the bone, kept her body in a Rubbermaid container while pretending to help search for her, and had planned on eating her. While her body was being kept in his home he blogged about trivial things like a new fossil that had been discovered.

He subsequently confessed, was tried, convicted and sentenced to death. As most death row inmates do he’s now appealing his death sentence.

His attorney, who shouldn’t be able to sleep at night for defending this piece of filth, is claiming that the confession should have been ruled inadmissible and that one of the jurors withheld information.

The attorney’s main argument seems to be that a police roadblock was set up in an area that Jamie Rose was not seen at. The same roadblock where police first came into contact with Underwood.

These appeal processes for killers like Underwood always sicken me because a 10-year-old freckle faced girl can’t appeal her brutal murder and post-mortem rape and dismemberment.

What would a new trial bring anyway? He would be found guilty again and sentenced to death again. It’s not like there is some question that he didn’t do it. Her body was found in his home and he blogged about having cannibalistic fantasies. This is a waste of time.

Underwood gets death

Judge sentences Underwood to die:

The convicted killer of 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin has been officially sentenced to death. A jury had recommended the death penalty for Kevin Ray Underwood bit today a judge made it official.

Underwood killed and raped Jamie Rose Bolin, unfortunately in that order, in order to consume her flesh because of a cannibalistic fantasy he had.

The death penalty couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Jury recommends death for Underwood

Jury recommends death in Underwood case:

It took eight hours for the Oklahoma jury to recommend the death sentence for Kevin Ray Underwood. I wonder what took them so long.

If anybody deserves the death penalty it’s Underwood. He killed, raped, and dismembered 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin, in that order. He also wanted to consume her flesh because he thought he was a cannibal.

In my opinion there will be no justice until Underwood no longer draws a breath.

Underwood found guilty

NEW: Jury finds Underwood guilty:

An Oklahoma jury took less than an hour to find Kevin Underwood guilty in the murder of 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin.

Underwood killed her, molested her, in that order, then tried to sever her head in order to consume her flesh.

The prosecution is seeking the death penalty for this monster. If there was anyone the death penalty was designed for it’s Underwood.

Underwood's attorney wants death penalty removed

Jamie Rose Bolin

Jamie Rose Bolin

Underwood defense asks to strike death penalty option:

The defense for would be cannibal Kevin Ray Underwood are trying to get the death penalty taken off the table because of press leaks.

Underwood’s defense attorney, L. Wayne Woodyard, appearing in Cleveland County District Court, argued Wednesday that too much information about the case has been leaked to the public that the case no longer represents “due process.” He asked that the bill of particulars be struck and the death penalty be taken out of consideration for sentencing.

The defense pointed out the latest instance of “leaks” to the media. A TV news station ran a story Feb. 11 that unnamed sources revealed a sealed judgment of District Judge Candace Blalock. Only about an hour after the lawyers received the judgment via e-mail, it was posted online that Blalock decided to let incriminating evidence into the trial, the defense said.

The defense blamed the District Attorney’s office for the leak.

This is what I like to call grasping at straws.

As the District Attorney pointed out in the article Mr. Woodyard knows that Underwood is a lost cause. Underwood basically confessed to the killing of 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin and the desire to consume her flesh. This isn’t some over complicated case that you might see on some crime drama TV show.

I’d be very surprised if the death penalty is removed as a sentencing option.

Judge seals decision on Underwood confession

Jamie Rose Bolin

Jamie Rose Bolin

Judge seals decision about slaying suspect’s confession:

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about Kevin Ray Underwood. He’s the slimeball from Purcell, Oklahoma who is accused of killing 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin so he could consume her flesh. That’s right folks. Kevin the Cannibal. It’s not the Hannibal Lechters you have to worry about, it’s the guy next door.

Anyway a judge has made a decision on whether or not Underwood’s confession will be heard in court but the decision has been sealed. It’s more than likely we won’t know the judge’s decision until the trial starts on the 19th.

Prosecutors say that Underwood freely confessed to the murder and gave permission to police to search his house after he asked for an attorney.

“When a defendant requests an attorney, you don’t have to get them one,” she said. “All that has to be done is to cease interrogation, and that was done.”

That quote was from Assistant District Attorney Susan Caswell.

The defense argues that…

While agents were not required to stop Underwood from talking about the crime after he asked for a lawyer, it does not mean that the testimony can be allowed in court.

Defense attorneys argued that the environment surrounding Underwood was designed to break his will, citing these reasons:

•Not securing Underwood in a holding cell;

•Delays getting booked into jail and being arraigned;

•Asking Underwood to sign a search waiver after he asked for a lawyer.

Defense lawyers argue that when someone invokes their constitutional rights, that means officers can’t question them any further and they can’t ask the suspect for permission to search their house.

Excuse me while I rant for just a moment.

How in the hell do these criminal defense attorneys sleep at night? This isn’t ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ we’re talking about. Underwood admits that he murdered a 10-year-old red-headed girl with freckles and glasses so he could cannibalize her corpse. Her body was found in his apartment. In my opinion some criminals are beyond defense and Underwood is one of them. As far as I’m concerned he should be fed to a pack of wild dogs for what he did. Yet these attorneys want to weasel their way to an acquittal knowing full well what he’s guilty of. Maybe selling your soul makes it so you don’t require sleep. Maybe criminal defense attorneys like this are nothing more than the undead. The fact that this scumbag has even the slightest chance of being released scares me more than any vampire or zombie movie.

Anyway, the trial will take place in Norman, Oklahoma due to a change of venue request. I hope the change of scenery doesn’t help his case at all.

New Trial date set for Underwood

New Trial Date Set For Kevin Underwood:

A new trial date has been set for killer and would be cannibal Kevin Underwood. It’s been set for February 19th. Underwood is accused of killing 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin and attempting to consume her flesh. The trail date was rescheduled due to Underwood seeking new counsel.