Woman strangled daughter to death with bra

nbelloPolice: Mom Killed Toddler With Bra:

Police: Fla. toddler strangled by mother using bra:

22-year-old Nioshka Bello of Longwood, Florida has been charged in the strangling death of her 2-year-old daughter Janessa Sandoval. Bello allegedly strangled her own daughter to death with her bare hands and a bra. No word on why she used a bra.

Bello also allegedly downed about 20 Benadryl after killing her daughter. Bello was arrested after being released from the psych ward. I haven’t found a motive discussed in the case outside of her being a crazy bitch.

So for once I’m welcoming the defenders to try and shed some light on why this happened. I’m not saying that the reasons won’t be ridiculed but you’re welcome to try and explain her actions.

Thanks to Bridget and LadyJade for the tip.