The Brothers Bek: Predators in arms

Timothy Bek

Timothy Bek

30-year-old Jason Bek of West Seneca, New York was recently arrested on charges of child solicitation over the internet. It seems that Bek was allegedly chatting with a man who would provide him with a 13-year-old boy for sex (child rape). Luckily that man turned out to be the FBI. During these chats Bek allegedly admitted to previous child molestations where his youngest victim was 5-years-old.

It seems that this isn’t Bek’s first go around with the law as he was also arrested in 2003 for trying to disseminate indecent material to a minor.

Anyway, during the FBI’s investigation of Jason Bek they confiscated the computer of his brother, 25-year-old Timothy Bek, who lived at the same residence.

While going through Bek the younger’s computer they discovered that the substitute teacher at West Seneca West High School was allegedly posing as a young girl on Facebook in order to get students to send him explicit photos of themselves.

FBI agents said an analysis of the computer showed the teacher created a phony Facebook page, using the identity of “Sarah Grayson,” an attractive teenage girl, to lure male West Seneca students into sending explicit photos

It doesn’t end there however. According to the FBI his computer also contained child porn images depicting children being raped.

The prevalence of cameras in almost every device produced today has made children more susceptible to predators than they already were. Parents, please tell your children that if someone they don’t know starts asking them for pictures that it’s more than likely a sexual predator. Explain to them that things don’t work in real life as they do on TV or in movies and porn.