Baby P

50 injuries, 60 visits:

I first saw this story when Eliza posted it at BabyLune and then again when reader Rosa sent me an e-mail.

Baby P is the name of toddler from England who died from abuse at the hands of his FBO, her boyfriend, and just some guy who hung around with them. Baby P, the 27-year-old ‘mother’ and her 32-year-old boyfriend can not be named for legal reasons. However there is no such protection for ‘the guy’ so he’s 36-year-old Jason Owen.

baby P was abused at the hands of the three for a period of at least 8-months before he died. In that time he was visited 60 times by social services. The doctor who examined Baby P post-mortem stated the child had at least 50 injuries.

No one from social services has been fired over the incident but they’ve been given written warnings? That’ll teach ’em.

It seems that social services in the UK are just as corrupt and inept as they are here in The States.