Austin craigslist masseuse raped

Craigslist ad leads to sexual assault:

Man arrested hotel sex assault in Southeast Austin:

30-year-old Jason Wayne Sutton has been arrested for the rape of woman offering sensual massage on craigslist in Austin. Texas. Sutton allegedly rented a hotel room under the name of Murry E. Moore and arranged to have the woman come to his room. Once there Sutton allegedly produced a fake police badge and put the woman in flex cuffs. He acted like he was calling his ‘partner’ and said that he didn’t have enough evidence to arrest her. Then it’s said that he said something to the effect of this is what happens to girls like her and then proceeded to rape her.

Just recently in Austin prostitute Amy Elizabeth Dickey was allegedly strangled to death by her john Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe.

The danger with craigslist’s erotic/adult services is on both sides of the coin. It seems like crimes against the women placing the ads themselves is on the rise.