Sunburnt baby leads to meth lab

Report of baby’s sunburn leads to Jasper meth lab:

CPS in Texas received an anonymous tip about a severely sunburnt baby. When police in Jasper, Texas went to check out the situation they stumbled upon a meth operation that was going on within the residence.

Arrested was 45-year-old Gary Clary, his relation to the baby was not given in the article. However it was noted that the baby’s mother was also in the meth house and is getting ready to pop out another one.

The baby’s grandmother originally told police that the baby and its mother weren’t there but then when police asked to come in she told police she lied and that they were there. Nothing like trhree generations in a meth lab.

Let’s go to Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman for a little lesson in common sense.

“The adults had a choice of whether they wanted to be at a place that was making meth; this 9-month-old baby didn’t,” Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman said. “The baby that the mother is pregnant with doesn’t have a say in where they are. We have to stand up for the children who do not have a voice.”


Thanks to Laura for the tip.