Bad situation for Florida MySpace predator

Javier Campos

Javier Campos

MySpace Internet encounter leads to sexual battery charges for Davie man:

20-year-old Javier Campos of Davie, Florida is said to have met a 13-year-old Fort Lauderdale girl on MySpace. Police say that the girl allowed him to sneak into the house while a friend of hers was there and while her parents were asleep.

Campos allegedly said that he was afraid he would be in trouble because her parents were home and because of her age. But that was after he allegedly had sex with the 13-year-old girl. You should have thought of that before you decided to crawl through her window like a predator. If you can’t go in through the front door like a man then obviously you’re doing something wrong.

And again this is another example of why parents need to check your kids’ online activities and not allow computers in their rooms. Do you really want your daughters having sex with that guy?

While I’m on the subject doesn’t he look like one of those douchebags from The Jersey Shore? Think about that the next time your underage daughter goes online.