Teflon to stick around prison for a while

Javon "Teflon" Gordon

Javon “Teflon” Gordon

Vineland man sentenced for transporting minors in sex trafficking ring:

If you call yourself ‘Teflon’ I am going to use the stick joke every single time. What’s not a joke is what he did.

I originally posted about Javon “Teflon” Gordon here. Back in August of last year he pleaded guilty to running an Atlantic City prostitution ring on craigslist. Not only did the ring include minors but he also used threats of violence and intimidation to keep the girls working for him.

This past week Gordon was sentenced to 15 years in prison. While it’s more than the 10 years I thought he was looking at it’s still not enough.

We are talking about modern-day slavery here. How appalled do you get thinking about slavery in this country prior to the Civil War? Why are you not just as appalled as what goes on today. The only difference is that it transcends racial lines and it involves children being sold for sex and not enough people are fighting against it today.

Child prostitution charges stick to Teflon

Javon "Teflon" Gordon

Javon “Teflon” Gordon

Man admits running prostitution ring that brought girls as young as 14 to Atlantic City:

And here I thought that Atlantic City had cleaned up its prostitution problem but it seems that with the advent of craigslist it has returned.

28-year-old Javon “Teflon” Gordon of Atlantic City, New Jersey pleaded guilty to federal charges of child prostitution. Gordon prostituted at least two girls who were minors. One was a 14 and the other was 17.

One of the venues that Gordon would use to traffic these girls was of course craigslist.

Again the federal government refuses to take these charges seriously as he’s only looking at 10 years total for both charges.