Washington State enacts new Backpage law


Inslee Passes New Penalties for Online Minor Sex Ads:

The State of Washington show once again why they’re in the forefront of trying to put a stop to the online sex trafficking of children.

Last week Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill into law that would fine someone $5,000 to anyone caught advertising *Cough*Backpage*cough* a child for sex online. Instead of going after Backpage directly, which his predecessor Gov. Chris Gregoire tried but the law was blocked, Gov. Inslee is targeting the pimps and traffickers.

That’s a great strategy but I have one question. Is $5,000 a big enough fine to make the risk greater than the reward? I don’t think it is. A lot of these pimps can make this kind of money in a night. In my opinion $50,000 would make more of a dent in their blood soaked wallets.

While Governor Inslee is taking a step in the right direction I don’t think he and the Washington legislature have taken a big enough step.