Fake craigslist fertility doctor arrested

Man who allegedly posed as a West Los Angeles fertility doctor is arrested:

PD: Fake Fertility Doc Had Craigslist Ad:

Police in Phoenix, Arizona have arrested 40-year-old Jeffrey Lynn Graybill for molesting some of his patients, except Graybill isn’t really a doctor. He’s actually a former EMT who used some of his equipment to pose as a fertility specialist.

Graybill allegedly posted an ad on craigslist promising $4000 for sperm donations for his fertility clinic and stem cell research.

His victims would see him in his Phoenix apartment because as we all know the best doctors practice out of their apartments.

Police were tipped off after two of his ‘patients’ complained after he asked to examine their junk prior to donation.

Graybill is also accused of posing as Dr. Robert Richardson, an actual fertility doctor.

Police believe that he may have as 24 victims from California and Arizona.

It’s crimes like these that make me realize how sick some criminals can be and how stupid some people are.