I never thought a spatula could be an instrument of death

Whitmire facing 2nd-degree murder for infant death:

In late December 22-year-old Andrew Whitmire of Spokane, WA was arrested for beating his girlfriend’s 3-month-old son, Izayah Denison.

Whitmire was babysitting the infant and when it started crying Whitmire allegedly severely beat the baby.

He said he spanked the infant two times with his hand and said to detectives: “If he was going to cry, I was going to give him something to cry about.”

However police say that the bruises on the baby were consistent with that of a spatula they found in the kitchen.

Whitmire is now facing 2nd degree murder charges after the baby was taken off life support.

The baby’s mother Jenauh Denison is currently being subjected to a seires of polygraph tests to see if she had anything to do with her son’s death. She claims that she suffered from postpartum depression and had checked herself into a hospital and left Izayah in Whitmire’s care.

What kind of idiot spanks a 3-month-old baby for crying and thinks it’s acceptable? How did this scumbag make it through life so far with that kind of stupidity? Didn’t she have any family she could have left the baby with rather than an idiot boyfriend? I’m so sick of these stories and they seem to happen on an almost daily basis.

Thanks to Jill for the tip.