Girlfriend of James Sanders’ gunman charged

Charges Filed Against Girlfriend of Accused Gunman In Deadly Craigslist Robbery:

A fifth person has been charged in connection with the craigslist home invasion murder of James Sanders. 18-year-old Jenna Nicole Ford is the girlfriend of Kiyoshi Higashi. Higashi is the alleged gunman that actually shot and killed Mr. Sanders.

Ford had been questioned before in a different murder investigation and allegedly had the knowledge on how to throw police off the trail.

Prosecutors allege Ford helped Higashi, Amanda Knight and Joshua Reese clean out the car driven to and from the Sanders’ home. They removed zip ties, cords and receipts from the vehicle in the hours after the shooting. “Jenna reported that she has been questioned in the past by police about a murder so she knew what evidence to get rid of,” charging documents state. “

Jenna reported she did not touch anything in the car because she did not want her fingerprints in the car.”

Ford told Reese and Knight about a nearby Dumpster, where they could throw away their clothing. Higashi reportedly spent the night of April 28 with Ford and the two kept checking the Internet for the status of the investigation.

Ford is also claiming that she tipped off Crime Stoppers. So she not only instructed them on how to clean out the car but she also called Crime Stoppers? Seems counterintuitive if you ask me.

She’s been charged with three counts of first-degree rendering criminal assistance.