Foster parent gets it on with teen foster son

jamontagWoman accused of sex with teen foster son:

Foster parent faces felony charges of sodomy, rape:

40-year-old Jennifer Ann Montag of Hooper, Utah was arrested for allegedly having sex with her 14-year-old foster son over the course of the month of October.

When discovered by a family member with the naked 14-year-old boy she allegedly exclaimed that “You will ruin our family. I could go to jail, and if I do, I will kill myself.”

The victim was also unwilling to cooperate with police for fear of getting Montag into trouble.

I like how she tried to blame everyone else for ruining the family but herself for her sick and twisted actions.

If you’re not getting enough at home go have an affair or something. The foster parent program isn’t your personal escort service.

Thanks to Monique for the tip.