Chad Johnson convicted of killing craigslist prostitute

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson

Man Convicted in Murder of Craigslist Prostitute:

I originally posted about Chad Johnson (not Ochocinco) here. He was arrested last year for strangling, Jennifer Papain, a prostitute that he met on craigslist to death after she refused to give his money back. Johnson buried her in a shallow grave somewhere near the Long Island Expressway.

This week Johnson was found guilty of second degree murder in Ms. Papain’s death. He’s looking at 25-to life when he’s sentenced in January.

I find a couple of things curious about this case. The first is why did this not make the national media when it happened so close to the Five Burroughs? The second is I’d like to hear the legalization folks explain how legalizing prostitution would have prevented Jennifer Papain’s murder.

Missing Long Island craigslist prostitute was killed

Medford Man Pleads Not Guilty to Missing Woman’s Murder:

Another body is left in craigslist’s wake.

26-year-old Jennifer Papain of North Patchogue, New York was a craigslist prostitute who was allegedly killed by Chad Johnson of Medford, NY. Not the guy from the Bengals.

Anyway Johnson is accused of hiring Papain off of craigslist paying her for sex then strangling her to death when he wanted his money back.

Papain had been missing since March and Johnson is said to have led police to an area near the LIE where he left her in a shallow grave.

Yet craigslist still refuses to shut down the ‘adult services’ section that is allegedly for legitimate adult businesses.

And why no national media onslaught on this just the most recent murder tied to craigslist?

I think we all know why.