Sex trafficking by force is an oxymoron

Jerel Jackson

Philly man faces charges of sex-trafficking by force:

For the not so latest online human trafficking news we return to Philadelphia where 28-year-old Jerel Jackson has been charged with allegedly prostituting several women on Backpage. Police say that he started ‘relationships’ with some of his victims before turning them out.

In one case, according to court papers, after two weeks of dating a woman he announced to her he was a pimp and that their relationship was changing. “You my bitch, you gonna have to work for me,” he told her.

Of course which brings us to the point of this post. Jackson, aka Jinx, would use violence to keep his girls in line including choking one of them who he accused of holding out on him. Jackson has been charged with sex trafficking by force which is an oxymoron because no one is ever trafficked willingly but if that’s what it takes to put these scumbags behind bars longer I’m all for it. Oh wait, Jackson is only looking at 15 years because no one gives a rat’s ass about the victims being trafficked which in this case also included an underage girl.

The only way justice will be served here is if Jackson is someone else’s bitch for 15 years and for all of Backpage’s money that they make of the backs and blood of these women mysteriously disappears.