Kentucky child porn pastor sentenced

Jerry Cannon

Jerry Cannon

Ex-pastor from Kentucky gets 17 1/2 years for using Facebook to spread child pornography:

I originally posted about Jerry Cannon here. He’s the former pastor from Kentucky who was caught trading child porn on Facebook. He was recently sentenced to 17 1/2 years behind bars however I think there is a larger issue at hand here.

First a little pretext. Cannon was busted with over 1000 child porn images some of which depicted children as young as 9 being raped. He used 13 different fake Facebook accounts to trade in child porn. He was obviously a master of his perverted craft.

However this story is a perfect example of a huge problem when it comes to pedophiles, family forgiveness.

Cannon also got support Tuesday from his younger brother and his wife, who testified they would stick by him. “I don’t think he’s a kingpin of porn or anything,“ brother Kerry Cannon told Granade. “I think he was just a dummy.“

No, he’s not just a dummy. Stealing from his former church would have been dumb. Cannon made a conscious choice to go onto the internet and create over a dozen fake accounts in order to trade in violent sexual images of young children. This isn’t just a mistake but a crime against humanity. Sickos like Cannon should not be taken lightly. Even though blood may be thicker than water I would bet that his ties to his child porn trading friends was thicker than blood.

If you have a pedophile in your family they are lost to you.

Kentucky pastor traded child porn on Facebook

Jerry Cannon

Jerry Cannon

Jerry Cannon of Crittenden, Kentucky was a married father of four who was also the pastor of God’s House Church.

I say was because he probably won’t be any of those things much longer as he has been arrested for allegedly trading child porn on Facebook under the alias of ‘Terry Lewis’.

Canon allegedly sent a child porn request to a man in Alabama who tipped off the FBI.

“Well I like looking at young beautiful girls and I can not seem to get it out of my system,” Cannon told another Facebook user, according to court documents. “I have tried to put this behind me but can not seem to bury it.” 

Investigators said Cannon offered $100 or more for images of girls between the ages of 11 and 13 posing in sexual situations.

I think that this goes to show that pedophiles have pretty much permeated all  aspects of society unfortunately. However it was refreshing seeing a church not trying to cover something like this up. I’m not just talking about the Catholic Church either. There have been too many stories of churches of different denominations trying to cover up behavior like this over the years or who have blamed the victims.