Jersey City Breeder leaves kids at home while she goes out clubbing

Jersey City mom goes partying and leaves three tots, including 7-month-old, home alone: cops:

20-year-old, that becomes important later, Jessica Figueroa of Jersey City, New Jersey was arrested for allegedly leaving her kids at home while she went out clubbing. The children are ages 3, 2, and 7-months. Neighbors found the kids wandering the halls of the apartment complex and were kind enough to take care of them until police arrived.

When police finally reached her by phone they say that Figueroa said she was at a club in Manhattan and would return to Jersey City as soon as she could find a ride.

So let’s see, she left her three kids at home while she went out of state to go clubbing while she’s underage. Granted Jersey City to New York isn’t that far but by public transportation it’s at least an hour on a good day.

Thank God there are still some decent people in this world that looked after the children or else I may be posting an entirely different story.

Listen, no matter how young you are and no matter how much you want to party your kids come first. If you don’t put them first it’s only a matter of time before the law catches up with you.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.