Couple beat kids when they were mad at each other

Couple accused of shocking child abuse:

The couple pictured above, who were probably not voted cutest couple, are Jesse Pacheco and Jessica Arrowood of Greenwood, Indiana. They’re accused of one of the more bizarre cases of child abuse I’ve heard.

The pair would abuse two of Greenwood’s children when they were mad at each other. They would each attack the other’s favorite child. Arrowood is accused of strangling her own five-year-old daughter while Pacheco is accused of beating Arrowood’s 4-year-old son so badly that he’s in a coma. To make matters worse police say the abuse has been going on for almost a year and a half.

You know, I thought the tear drop tattoo represented that you’ve killed someone. Since this assclown picks on kids I somehow doubt that he has. If he is a wannabe gangsta they’re going to love him in jail. Oh, and she’s a bloated sea cow.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.