One of the West Memphis Three arrested

One of the West Memphis Three arrested

Jessie Misskelley

This is old news by now, but Jessie Miskelley, of the West Memphis Damien Echols + 2, was arrested over Thanksgiving weekend. He was arrested in West Memphis on traffic violations including driving without a license, driving without insurance and having no headlights. Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington doesn’t think this is enough to warrant Misskelley going back to jail under the terms of the Alford Plea the three took to get out of jail. I’ll talk more about that in a moment.

As with all things WM3 related, someone thinks this is part of a larger conspiracy. Damien Echols’ attorney, Patrick Benca, says that he’s never seen anyone get arrested for driving with a suspended license in the past 18 years. I’d like to know which rock he’s been living under because anywhere I’ve ever lived, driving with a suspended license gets you locked up. I don’t know if Miskelley has posted bail yet. The last article I read, which was dated yesterday, didn’t mention him being released. I guess if you’re not friends with Johnny Depp you can’t just snap your fingers and make things happen for you.

Getting back to the Alford Plea, which in case any one forgot is a guilty plea, the terms state the three have to be employed, be drug free and are subject to search and seizure without a warrant. What does Damien Echols do for a living exactly? Are celebrity hanger-on and fortune-teller, or whatever the hell he claims to do, real jobs? Has he ever even had a real day of work in his life?

Post trial WM3 confession

Tape with post-trial confession played in court:

In their appeal to get a new trial the post-trial confession of Jessie Misskelley was played in court.

On the audiotape, Misskelley said he, Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin were drinking alcohol next to a ditch when the boys approached. He said Echols grabbed 1 of the boys and started hitting him and that, within moments, Misskelley and Baldwin attacked the other boys.

At one point, Misskelley said, Baldwin pulled out a knife. He said that’s when he realized the boys were going to be killed.

That’s funny, I know it’s been some time since I watched the movies but I don’t remember anything on them about a post-trial confession. I wonder why Misskelley would confess a second time especially after he had been already convicted. Hmmm. Maybe it’s because they actually did it.

But don’t let emotion get in the way of facts.