Convicted Marshfield plotter committed suicide

Marshfield High bombing plotter found dead in Quincy:

I thought long and hard about posting this story. I thought either way if I did or did not post anything about it someone would be offended so I decided to post anyway.

Starting in 2004 I posted about a school shooting plot that was set to take place at Marshfield High School in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Two kids were arrested. I thought one was guilty and one was innocent. Both were convicted and served their time. I thought and still think that Tobin Kerns was innocent. Conversely I thought and still think that Joe Nee was guilty. The weekend prior to the Thanksgiving holiday Joe Nee took his own life.

I’m not here to rehash history. Also I take no pleasure in Joe Nee’s death. What I’d like to do today is talk about suicide.

Suicide is a byproduct of mental illness. Believe me I know. In my youth I attempted suicide a number of times. If you’re having thought about harming or killing yourself it means you need help. No matter what anyone says there is no shame in reaching out for that help. After being suicide obsessed for so many years I reached out and I’m thankful that I did. Also if you think that no one is going to miss you that’s just not true. Your suicide will have negative impacts on friends and family members for years to come and they might never be the same. I wouldn’t want that and I know most of you wouldn’t either.

Again it can’t be said enough. There is no shame in seeking professional help for a mental health issue. It may be the difference between life and death, not only for you but those around you as well.

Gun control board has father of school shooting plotter as member

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Joe Biden Gun Control Task Force: Committee Member’s Son Served Time For Plotting Columbine-Style Attack:

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy President Obama entrusted Vice President Biden with heading up a gun control task force. Now before you get your hackles up this post is neither about politics nor gun control so save it for your Facebook. Anyway Vice President Biden should have done better screening on some the task force’s members.

One of the members is one Thomas Nee, head of the Boston police union and President of the National Association of Police Organizations. Thomas Nee is also the father of Joe Nee. Nee was convicted back in 2008 for plotting an attack against Marshfield High School in Marshfield, Mass. But wait, it gets better.

Nee wasn’t the first person to be arrested for the plot. That would be Tobin Kerns. Nee himself went to police to implicate Kerns in the plot. It wasn’t until an outcry in the community that Nee was arrested. To this day Tobin Kerns is one of only two people who I believe were unfairly convicted of plotting a school shooting.

As the story goes Nee was a known Columbine sympathizer going as far as wearing a t-shirt with the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold on it that said remember the heroes. Thomas Nee had even thrown his son out of his house for unknown reasons and was taken in by the Kernses. All the evidence found in the plot was found in the room that Nee was staying in. I’m not going as far to say that Nee received special treatment because of his dad but if it walks like a duck. He even served less time than Kerns.

The last time we heard from Joe Nee he was trying to get his conviction overturned by the Massachusetts Supreme Court. He was not successful. Local rumor had it that Nee was trying to get his conviction overturned so he could become a Boston cop. The same city where his dad just happens to be the head of the police union. Not only would that be blatant nepotism but he would be basically letting a dangerous psychopath into a job where he’s given guns and power. Not the smartest move in the world.

Let’s also not forget about Thomas Nee’s other son Edward Nee. He was arrested back in 2011 for allegedly crashing a party, punching a man in the face, kicking the man while he was on the ground and held a girl by the throat and punched her in the face. At the time of that arrest he was out on bail for allegedly breaking into cars.

My point is how does Tom Nee keep getting these lofty positions when his sons are criminals and he supposedly tried to get one of them on the same police force he works at where he happens to be head of the union? I’m not saying he’s a dirty cop but a lot of his past actions tend to fall on the shady side.

Joe Nee’s brother held without bail

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Many years ago I wrote about the plot to attack Marshfield High School in Marshfield, Mass. At that time one of the accused was a guy by the name of Joe Nee. He was originally thought to have been the whistle-blower of the plot and Tobin Kerns was arrested who in my opinion to this day is innocent. The reason I thought, and still think, that Nee was originally overlooked was because that Nee’s father, Thomas Nee, was and is the head of the Boston police union. Because you know, the kids of cops never get special treatment when they get in trouble with the law </sarcasm>

I most recently posted about Joe Nee suing to get his sentence overturned. Local rumor had it that he wanted his conviction taken off his record so he could become a Boston cop like his old man. Again I have to remark about  Boston unions and nepotism but that’s another rant for another time. Nee’s conviction was upheld barring him from becoming a Boston cop if that was in fact his intention.

Now there’s another member of the Nee family who may have lost his shot at that position as well. Nee’s younger brother, 17-year-old Edward Nee, was arrested recently and is being held without bail for showing up at party uninvited then allegedly punching a man in the face and then kicking him while he was on the ground. He also allegedly held a girl by the throat who was trying to break up the fight and punched her in the face as well.

Edward Nee is being held without bail because he was already out on bail for charges of him allegedly breaking into some cars.

Definitely makes me wonder what kind of parenting, if any, actually went on in the Nee household. And can’t you just hear both punk kids saying “Do you know who my dad is?”

The scary part is since Nee the youngest is 17 there’s a possibility his record could be sealed and he could still  go on to follow in dad’s footsteps. Sleep well Boston.

Joe Nee’s conviction appeal denied

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Joe Nee was arrested back in 2004 for plotting an attack against Marshfield High school in Massachusetts. He originally implicated Tobin Kerns in the plot but local popular belief at the time was that Nee was the actual mastermind and that Tobin was one the one who backed out of the plot.

It also didn’t help that Nee’s father was and is not only a Boston policeman but also head of the Boston police union. Nee got less time than Tobin. Imagine that.

More recently Nee appealed his conviction to the Massachusetts Supreme Court arguing renunciation, meaning since he went to the cops with the plot that he should have not been convicted. However today the court denied the appeal stating that Nee never took responsibility for his part in the plot.

Again, popular local belief was that Nee was appealing his conviction so he could become a Boston cop just like dear old dad. Luckily at least one road block has been put in front of that goal. Besides, would the city of Boston really want a cop who wore a t shirt of the Columbine killers that said “Remember the Heroes”?

RUMOR: Nee wants conviction overturned to become cop

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

I’ve been hearing a rumor from a few people connected in the Marshfield, Mass. area about the recent attempt by Joe Nee to have his conviction overturned. Now again, this is nothing more than a rumor. I make no claim that there is any truth to this. I’ll let you, the reader, decide for yourself.

Anyway the rumor goes that Nee wants his convection for plotting an attack against Marshfield High School overturned because he wants to be a Boston cop. Now even if the conviction was overturned how would he ever get a job with the Boston PD with all the controversy that surrounded his arrest and trial? Oh, that’s right, his dad is not only a Boston cop but he also runs the Boston police union. It’s nice to see that the Kennedys weren’t the only ones practicing nepotism in Massachusetts.

Does the Boston PD really need this kind of controversy? Does the Boston PD really need an obvious sociopath like Joe Nee among its ranks?

Not to mention that in my opinion Joe Nee received special treatment in not only the investigation but also his trial and sentencing because of his father. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was Nee’s father that advised Nee to go to the police to implicate Tobin Kerns.

But again this is all just rumor and speculation.

No decision has been made yet on Nee’s conviction.

Marshfield mastermind to appeal conviction


Joe Nee at the time of his arrest

Court to hear appeal in Mass. school killings plot:

Just when I thought the ghosts of Marshfield were laid to rest forever they decide to rear their heads once again.

For those of you who missed the story 6 years ago let me try to recap it as quickly as possible.

Then 16-year-old Tobin Kerns was arrested for plotting an attack on Marshfield High school in Marshfield, Mass. When I first posted about Tobin’s arrest it seems that all of Marshfield e-mailed me or commented and pointed the finger at another suspect, Joe Nee. Eventually, Nee was also arrested and my suspicions started to turn to Nee as the true mastermind against the plot. Nee had previously been in trouble at the school for wearing a homemade t-shirt that memorialized the Columbine killers. At the time of his arrest, Nee was staying with the Kerns family because he had been thrown out of his own house and the majority of the evidence for the plot was found in Nee’s room. Complicating matters was the fact that Nee is the son of not only a Boston cop but his father was also head of the Boston police union. In my opinion, there was much favoritism given to Nee that Tobin didn’t have. It is also said that Tobin eventually got psychiatric help that he needed and broke off from the plot and most reasonable people believe that Nee went to the cops before Tobin could implicate him.

Tobin was wrongfully convicted in my opinion but Nee was convicted also and spent some time in jail. Now Nee has the audacity to try to get his conviction overturned. He is arguing he should have been convicted under the argument of “renunciation”. What that means is he believes he should not have been convicted because he supposedly renounced the plot. From what I’ve read over the past six years the evidence says otherwise yet here we are. His argument will be heard by the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court. To make this request even more audacious Mass. does not even recognize renunciation as a defense against the conspiracy charges that Nee was convicted of. He’s saying that he stopped the crime by going to police and implicating Tobin but at no time did he ever admit his own involvement in the plot.

If Nee’s conviction actually gets overturned then I think the police departments of both Marshfield and Boston and the Supreme Judicial Court should be investigated for conspiracy.

More on Joe Nee's parole

Nee and Kerns are both out of jail:

The following are the terms of Joe Nee’s parole.

Harris said parole supervision for Nee included counseling for anger management and a mental health evaluation. Nee also has to be screened for alcohol and drug use and has a nightly curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. He is under parole supervision until July. Coria Holland, spokesperson for the state commissioner on probation, said Nee would be on probation until May 2010.

I wonder how many incidents between now and May of 2010 will be swept under the rug due to Nee’s connections. I also get the feeling that his so-called mental evaluation and anger management classes will be just formalities.

Nee received early release from his sentence but yet the innocent, in my opinion, Tobin Kerns was denied early release. Was Tobin denied early release because of something he did or was it just because he’s not the son of the head of the Boston police union?

Joe Nee's release confirmed

Marshfield High massacre plotter released from jail:

It has now been confirmed that the ringleader in the plot to attack Marshfield High in Massachusetts, Joe Nee, has been released.

Nee had a parole hearing on March 28 and was paroled on May 8, said Terrel Harris, spokesman for the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. The parole hearing came after Nee had served about half of his jail sentence.

Isn’t that funny how that works? By all reports I received Tobin Kerns was a model prisoner and he served every last day of his sentence.

Nee’s early release wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that his father is a powerful Boston policeman is it?

Personally I hope that state authorities investigate Nee’s obvious preferential treatment but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

Joe Nee released early?

I have it on good authority that Joe Nee has been released from jail. For those of you who don’t know Joe Nee was, in my opinion, the actual ringleader of a plot against Marshfield High School in Mass. He’s also the son of the head of the Boston policeman’s union.

So he served 50 days of a nine month sentence. Alleged co-conspirator Tobin Kerns, who in my opinion was innocent, served every day of his sentence.

Who says there wasn’t any preferential treatment of Nee?

An open letter from Tobin Kerns

If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time I’m sure you’ll recognize the name Tobin Kerns. He’s the guy who in my opinion was wrongly jailed for plotting a school shooting against Marshfield High in Massachusetts. Over the years since his arrest I have been in touch with members of his family and tonight I received an e-mail from Tobin himself. He asked me to post this in response to his detractors. Some on this site and some in the real world…

Listen. I don’t know who you are, but you are clearly not qualified to make any sort of analysis. you have never even met me. That’s right I said me. This is Tobin Kerns, And you, miss, are a moron. I know you probably will not see this, as it was posted in Nov of 07, but god I hope you do. First of all before you start making any sort of judgments you should get your facts straight. In my trial both Joe Sullivan and Dan Farley stated that I was not involved with them when they went to police. They also said that they specifically went to the police to set me up because Joe Nee convinced them I was going to blow the whistle on their plot. I still got convicted because The system sucks. You should also know I was one of the most individualistic people in school. To be honest I was way to busy partying and screwing everything that walked to plan something like this. Hitler was an asshole and a moron. And the only reason people become therapists is because they do not want to deal with their own issues, so they get a job they can tell everyone else what is wrong with them. None of you can even agree with each other. Psychology is not a science, FDA approved drugs are a means of controlling the populace and suppressing individuality, and Freud wanted to f*** his mother. My email is e-mail me and maybe we can put our heads together, the last thing I want are people thinking I am a monster. You are obviously ill informed so do the right thing and get informed.

P.S. Howie Carr, you are a douche bag. I totally would have gone to my Grandads funeral. I loved him dearly.