Tim Kretschmer’s father convicted of manslaughter


Joerg Kretschmer, the father of Albertville-Realschule gunman Tim Kretschmer, was convicted of manslaughter for not properly securing the gun that his son used to kill 15 people and himself.

It may sound like justice was served but it wasn’t as the elder Kretschmer received a 21 month suspended sentence. That means that he won’t even see the inside of a German prison cell. To make matters worse Kretschmer’s attorney plans on appealing the non-sentence.

So not only did Kretchmer’s father not keep his gun secure but he was also informed about his son’s lack of mental well-being, did nothing about it and not only does he receive no jail time but also has the temerity to try to appeal the sentence while 15 people were killed for no reason? Again, that’s not even close to justice.

Kretschmer’s father goes on tiral

Tim Kretschmer dead

Tim Kretschmer dead

German father on trial over son’s deadly shooting spree:

In Germany Joerg Kretschmer is on trial for allowing his son easy access to his gun. The gun in question is the gun that his son, Tim Kretschmer, used in his attack of Albertville-Realschule and the surrounding area where he killed 12 before taking the coward’s way out.

The elder Kretschmer’s trial is supposedly going to take 27 days which seems like an awfully long time for crimes that could bring him at the most a year in prison. Since no one ever gets the max anymore I doubt he will even see the inside of a cell.

He was going to be tried for manslaughter but the German courts ruled that his actions did not lead directly to the massacre.

Tim Kretschmer’s father gets lesser charge

No homicide charge for father of Winnenden killer:

The last we heard Tim Kretschmer’s father, Joerg Kretschmer, was being charged with 15 counts of negligent homicide for basically allowing access to his gun so his son could go on a rampage killing 15 people in the Albertville-Realschule and around Winnenden, Germany.

Prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to charge Kretschmer the elder on manslaughter charges however he is still being charged with enabling his son to have access to the gun and ammunition.

No word on what the potential sentencing would be but whatever it is it would not be nearly what he deserves.

Tim Kretschmer’s father charged

German father charged over son’s shooting spree:

The father of Albertville-Realschule gunman Tim Kretschmer, Joerg Kretschmer, has officially been charged with 15 counts of negligent manslaughter.

If you’ll recall Tim Kretschmer used his father’s legal gun to commit the massacre at the Winniden, Germany school before escaping the school and killing more before he took the coward’s way out.

German prosecutors say the Kretschmer the elder negligently stored his guns and ammo.

And yet the negligent parents of the Columbine shooters are still free.

Recently it was revealed that Kretschmer Sr. took his son to buy ammo days before the massacre.

He’s looking at ten years if convicted.

Kretschmer’s father to face charges

Tim Kretschmer’s father faces criminal charges:

You all remember Tim Kretschmer don’t you? He was the cowardly scumbag who killed 15 in Winneden, Germany after shooting up Albertville-Realschule.

For once a neglectful parent is being held responsible for their role in one of these massacres.

Kretschmer’s father is being charged with 15 counts of negligent manslaughter for not securing the gun that his idiot son used in his killing spree.

No word on what the possible sentencing will be.